Rainbow Coalition: Homosexual Rights


I wanted something all inclusive for the Rainbow Coalition, so I found their Yellowknife logo and used it for my gay rights post. I am reaching out only to homosexuals in this post, and no other group, but I wanted to point out the Rainbow Coalition does work on rights for everybody. The logo is from Canada, making the Rainbow Coalition a Global organization for human rights.

Now touchy subject for me starts. Gay Rights supporting women’s rights. Or even heterosexual women supporting Gay Rights. Some women due to husband might not support the Rainbow Coalition’s support of Homosexual rights, might not support Gay rights.

Homosexuals might not support women’s rights due to lack of support from women.

Plus the language I am going to use, I am using the word homosexual voting, might turn off a gay voter. A man who likes men, might vote as a woman would, some women actually vote along the line of gender. So a homosexual man might vote along the lines well he looked good in a photo, the way a woman might vote she’s a woman like me, we are a minority so I’m voting for her. Neither are thinking about capabilities of the candidates.

This is a global issue women supporting a man kissing a man.

The Rainbow Coalition has helped all sexes, all continents and all colors. This is why I support them and used them for my picture on this post. I need help thinking on how to get women to completely support Gay rights. If the Rainbow Coalition has ideas I will see posts on twitter, might be sporadic, but it is the best shot I have to see leadership guiding people around the world for global rights.

If Women support Gay rights, I am thinking the males that are homosexual would be onboard for support women’s rights. I’m not saying gay men are not supporting women’s rights but every vote counts. Sorry for the offensive language I will use, I’m trying to get to people who are heterosexual that will not vote for women, I call them homosexual voters.


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