Wise Women and Beyond; WWAB Roman numeral for AB no such thing


There is no such thing as Wise women or men, no such thing for men being beyond women? Well, that is what I am doing, I am creating Wise Women and Beyond.

I wanted this, so I am selfish.

Politicians are known as slimey I. AB is AND BEYOND can be slimey, not nice and truthful. Due to being truthful, I might be told you are spreading lies, that is the funny part about the truth, people can lie about the truth.

The sky is purple, when it is bright blue.

Men gave the women the vote, 1920 August 2, a congress and senate full of men, and then men all across the country in each of the states legislatures and governors. Men, slimy good for nothing men.

This blog is to explore ideas, how do you get the support of men again? We don’t currently proof 19.4% women in congress and the senate. NO first woman president, no first woman vice-president, some states no first woman governor just a few examples of what is going on in woman’s rights.

Wise Women and Beyond is about the wise women of the past and how they did get men to support them in gaining ownership of property, and the vote.

How do I get the AND BEYOND involved?

The AND BEYOND IS MEN! Am I too militant?

Men are considered slimy, and the AB is in slime on my opening selling picture. Men want sex, they want control, they lie, and as I wrote they are good for nothing. They gave us the VOTE.

Men are fantastic, mine, I believe in Adam and Eve is a pretty face. Yes I know pretty not very complimentary. He has his hypocrisy’s, do I have mine, I’ll explore that later.

One of my hypocrisy’s is this; I might want doors open for me by men and a man to smash his fist in a child molester’s face and then have the police take that child molester in so a judge could send the child molester to prison. Yes I want justice for children of child sexual abuse, and men should be able to beat the living crap out of child molesters and send them to prison.

Yes that need for the macho man is me. So that might get explored later.

So can the macho man be for women’s rights, YES HE CAN!

Wise women and beyond is just that a wise woman wanting politics and voters, making certain to include the AND BEYOND, the men.





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