Invictus: A Woman’s right post war or service to be a champion


Prince Harry Duke of Sussex before marriage to Princess Megan Duchess of Sussex started a successful organization that supports the troops that were injured during service, Invictus. This idea started when Prince Harry served honorably in the Great Britain Army Air Corp, with honorable serve in Helmand, Afghanistan during the Afghanistan war.

2014 was the start, where men and women that served in the armed forces started competing. When men and women can enlist they are very young, most 18 years old looking for a way to serve their countries that they are proud to be apart of, others looking to gain an educational grant, and after school they continue to serve their communities proudly. Those people who enlisted had no time to train for the Olympics summer or winter games. Invictus let’s those service men and women have Olympic dreams, but also builds self worth, self esteem and power over the injury that they sustained during honorable service.

I found out about this in Orlando, Florida, when I was living there, but found myself too poor to attend the games. I was working for the Walt Disney World Complex and could’ve broken in, with the tickets at 65 dollars for the spectators to support the troops I could not afford the ticket. I decided not to steal from the honorably discharged disabled veterans, and not attend. That saddened me, so I vowed during that time to support Invictus anyway I could. SO I write tweets once in a while, well this year and last only close to the games. My dad is a 100% disabled veteran PTSD, and my heart is with Invictus games.

My dad as a Vietnam veteran and could’ve used the games, there might have been a baseball team for veterans and gold for him. That was not possible since the games only started this decade, and not in the 1970’s when Vietnam veterans needed them the most.

Wise Women and Beyond is a political blog. This blog is about the politics of women in the service of the military, and I support Invictus. Some countries still do not support Invictus and military service of women, on this I have little opinion, even if you do not support the western worlds ideas for women’s rights, you need to support your own troops and send men to compete for your countries.

This means some middle eastern countries have opted to boycott Invictus, leaving injured males without this outlet in their own countries. So I will say that is wrong, just because the western world lets women serve, does not mean you do not let men who are injured not compete for glory of your country. You do not have to send women since they did not serve in your military.

Thank you. I want to watch the Sydney, Australia games, I have no passport and am still very poor so I might not have the right cable tv channel. My heart is with the veterans of every country in attendance. Win!


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