Slave birthing bus


I am a poor person that needs a time out, and everybody in my home is pissed off, so taking the time out first.

Rosa Parks eat your heart out, do you sit in the front of the bus before you see the bunk bed, or do you pass it like I did, and stare at a bunk bed in the middle of the bus. This is public transport, not a musician or groups tour bus.

I know there is a good reason for bunk beds with rails so children do not fall out on Anchorage Alaska public transportation, one excuse that comes to mind a potential new ambulance?? I am not going to look up the reason, this is my reaction. I know the bus schedule is not an over night long range schedule. And where do you put a wheel chair on that bus, the bunk bed was right where normally there would be a wheel chair break area for someone with a disability that required that kind of loving assistance from public transportation.

Bunk Bed in the middle of the bus. I felt abused, and the above picture is why. Public transportation is used by everybody, EVERYBODY of Every color. It is for a rainbow of people, I know I’m the one with the issue. I know I’m the person seeing this, nobody else because guess what that bus has been around I am assuming for years in the Anchorage Alaska fleet of public transportation busses. I don’t know if I can board a bus here in Alaska again, and I might have to due to my poverty.

I was a kid in a bunk bed so why does the bunk bed on a public day transportation for short term transport bother me. Here’s why?

They used bunk beds to transport slaves chaining them down to the beds, this is public transportation, once again owners of slave ships used bunkbeds to transport slaves to market. Anchorage Alaska has a good public transportation system that does not need to be shut down but one bus needs to be altered, because I don’t want to be abused again. I am thinking other might not as well, if they knew the truth. And I was on my way to do a job, well interview for one, I was being transported to get my wage slave… okay remember I’m the one with the issue here. Right? It is just me with this issue???

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