How do I approach you MEN

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


Jason Momoa, as Khal Drogo, an abused man but leader of a strong tribe. Men are politics, have been for MILLENIA. Women politics are not millennia. We could bring up Cleopatra, but is that really women’s politics.

Mom has no sex so we can begin talking, a month in so I am going to sum up topics. I am not your mother but you get it.


Men need to be protective, but never protected themselves was my post before this. I hope people saw the lack of self protection.

This went from sexual communication, to figuring out men are abused, to different forms of relationships, to voters rights of men/women, to the last post of men not even protecting their jobs.

Not saying women should not work, I write politics and fiction mostly. And I love working so much I work jobs sometimes 6 days a week.

I have not yet talked on job creation. Which has been for millennia a mans domain. 16.3% of CEO’s are women, and that is Job creation positions with board of directors. The amount of female small business owners is 39% of small business owners currently, job creation positions. 20.4% of small business are owned by African-America again that job creation positions. That means the rest is created by other. I will have to work on this.

Explain how Khal Drogo is an abuse victim. The entire story of Game of Thrones has many abusers in it, and maybe some non-abusers. The abuse victim Khal Drogo has to buy his bride, has sexual issues due to culture, and is poisoned to death because of power struggles in the tribe.

I will on the sexual issues due to culture as the most abusive thing in Khal Drogo’s life, he due to culture believes that from behind is the ONLY position. The culture did not have the reference of other positions, let alone cum shots for fellatio swallowed to place a baby in the belly, and ALL PEOPLE IN OUR CULTURE GIVE FELLATIO AND SWALLOW BEFORE PREGNANCY, the joke she gives her last blow job on her wedding night “She will never give a blow job again.”, and that should never end!!! And the fellatio is the truth.

The sex issues in Khal Drogo’s culture are not our culture, but he’s abused by out cultures standards. That is what Wise Women and Beyond is about, and it is summed up. It is about pointing out politics for men and women, maybe this is still needed.


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