Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill both political victims of a system that needs changing.

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help, DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


This is what I am seeing the alleged victim testifying to congress MS. Ford, and the alleged attacker testifying in congress Mr. Kavanaugh, what I saw in the 1990’s the alleged victim Ms. Hill testifying and the alleged attacker Mr. Thomas testifying in front of congress.

Both men allegedly did misdemeanor or felony sexual assaults. I wouldn’t know as my father pointed out,  no charges were brought up by the women on the men, nor a judge, which both men are, presided in front of a jury of their peers. Both the alleged victim and alleged attacker victims of congressional hearings.

I do not support sexual assaults of any  kind, I live happily sex free, I write about sex, and if my readers do not like what I write, they can look away, stop reading, change the web-site to read something else, etc. So this will not be a popular article, and some would state let this go that men are being abused politically speaking, and Mr. Thomas a Supreme Court Judge was indeed abused with Ms. Anita Hill. Where was the suggestion that Mr. Thomas needed a defense attorney for his day in court to face his peers? It was not and it is his fifth amendment right to not suggest it himself.

To make Judge Clarence Thomas the same person as an ALLEGED GANG RAPE ATTACKER is wrong. The congress is being pussy’s about this wanting same person when what Judge Clarence Thomas did was an alleged misdemeanor, not a full alleged felony of gang rape.

This is Miss unpopularity right now, I am saying the bigotry happening toward Ms. Hill and Mr. Thomas is disturbed, and I want it known for a white man to get FBI involvement it has to be a gang rape, while a black man, African American, he needs to be a peeping tom to get yelled at by congress. A white man gets yelled at for gang rape… I don’t see a same person here.


Sorry to Ms. Hill, I want this apology, what you went through is terrible, I just do not think you were gang raped. I would’ve supported Ms. Hill if she pressed charges, but I am in support of Ms. Hill and what she decided to do as well. What happens sexually to a victim isn’t easy, and then the after, once you are a victim of sexual violence, isn’t easy as well.


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