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This drawing reminds me of hot Keanu Reeves, Neo, in the Matrix and Joe Pantoliano, Cypher, the bad man that was previously rescued by Morpheus, Laurence Fishburne.

Cypher played by Joe Pantoliano starts his matrix out as a technician.

So a conversation that has to be translated into a post. Okay, I will rewrite this right. Every man wants to be Cypher, one he knows the RULES, and then he BREAKS THE RULES. Do you like him, YES, he’s cool with great grooming (facial hair, clothing) has great associates, and connections. And then he gives himself permission to blow the rule right out of the water.

You really want me to say he’s a god??? Yea I need to rewrite this, because this is Wise Women and Beyond, I go And Beyond today, and And Beyond is for the men. This is a conversation piece, I am really in real time having a conversation with a man, and I need him to translate this, I am a woman, and well I don’t know how men think but I get to tell one man today what I am seeing.

The man did agree that men want the,  “Make me affluent.” When Cypher was cutting a deal. That deal was because he was being true to self, he wanted a way to blow a rule away, and that rule was loyalty to being real.

Yes Loyalty is a rule.

Cypher was real and the computer was creating a world Cypher and other real people hate or were told to hate. But the rule was right there, Cypher said heck, this is me, I have to break the fucking rules, because rules are there to be broken right?

People started from that moment to dislike the character that in the end dies and Neo saves everybody, Neo follows the rules  of the real world and breaks only the artificial rules of the computer program.

I hope people do watch the Matrix, but the man might say, well he did say that because the movie is from 1999, it is OLD. The lesson of Cypher isn’t there, that sometimes breaking a rule to  be true to selfish wishes creates your own death.

Rules are something I have written about in the past and I will in the future. There are rules, but men want to be Cypher is my own take, the man I am speaking with disagrees that men are not stereo types, and I have to let go of my own rules on men being just sexual wanting people, yea men want sex, while I love being on my own sex free. My own prejudices have got to go to speak to millions of men. As the man just said, “That will be the day.” I agree but I come with no weapons just the stereo type, is the stereo type an abuse weapon on men? And knowledge 1920 MEN GAVE WOMEN THE VOTE.


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