WMPW: Why Military Police Woman?

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse


Military Police, it is something every military brat knows about, some military brats like me NEVER deal with the MP’s because we are great kids. Yes, I am a former ARMY BRAT. And this article is about Why Military Police Woman? The WMPW.

I will go from experience, military police are needed on a fort or base or camp or port to help enforce common rules that protect the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. These men and women are needed in the capacity of protection and service the same as a community police force.

I mentioned Soldier by Destiny’s Child with Lil Wayne in a previous article, and the concept of WMPW came up. “We made progress woman.” Was stated with 39% women small business owners and 19% women currently in congress, my WMPW.

So I thought of the WMPW, which will be apart of Wise Women and Beyond, “We made progress women.”

The military police is something missing in politics. And I know you do not need police lining the streets to stop protests. This new concept has been undeveloped, and I am going to try to get the beginning of the new tool, I am calling WMPW to basic. Then maybe advance it in a year.

Men need to be as I wrote soldiers, protector of women, this protection of women isn’t political, and political women might get insulted. These soldiers need to be Military Police. That means they are not on the front lines, they are on the military Forts protecting the homes and businesses that support…

A Military police civilian would support THORN! Thorn is a tool founded by Ashton Kutcher to stop sexual abuse on children.

Men would be the military police as civilians while the women are the business owners and politicians. Yes women are the same as men and can do the service as a civilian too. But this is needed to get men to support more women in the public and private.

The concept is new, a civilian military police person is not the person already on your community force, that person that does protect you will always have a job, and will always be there to protect and serve.

WMPW, is about how men are saying, “We made progress woman.” Telling women that the cycle of violence on men is hated. That they, men, did give women the vote in 1920.

I wish I could talk to Ashton Kutcher right now, my new tool is so new I know it might work but it might not… men being military before the draft… yes drafted before service? And it is to get men something of a word, a safety to say no abuse, we gave you the vote already.

Yes,  I am still thinking the abuse on men is still there. WMPW could stop and make women aware of that abuse, by giving men something that they felt left them in 1920 a power concept, they still have power.

I have not spoken to Ashton Kutcher about this article, and I could call imagining talking to him, but he might not be into military stuff like my father was, and my ex-husband a former Naval Officer. So this might not work for THORN OR CIVILIAN MEN, but a military police officer would need THORN, so I’m lost currently on this new development.

I think I will imagine a conversation with him after this is posted, I don’t know what he will think, I will keep readers posted.





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