Telepathy is real: But We tell lies, my new lie is with Prince George

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I am speaking with Prince George of Cambridge today, on a call with him, his father and mother, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and having a delightful conversation. Prince George is my family member, but is not. I have called him in the past Prince Geo.

Now remember I will tell you when I am lying, and socially I just lied. I enjoy talking to the And Beyond Little prince who will not be a man for a couple of decades. Well, I hope he’s a full man by 26 years old. So according to society I am now a very imaginative woman and that this lie is amusing but not appropriate.

Well, I have spoken to Prince George about many things with his parents right here, because of being who I was and am I prefer parents involved. And we talk about Cambridge cheeses. There was a nice cheese shop in Cambridge that I want to visit and I think Prince Geo has been taken there once by his parents, but I cannot confirm that unofficial visit. The cheese shops name is:

The Cambridge Cheese Shop, Cambridge UK

I told him I never had Stilton, and I finally found an import from Nottingham UK, and found it yummy. I talk to the young Prince about my Pirate days that I barely remember, and it is exciting for him, but I am finding sadness in the truth. I am cool, but I was a mean person to many people as an Irish Pirate, might have been mean to Prince George too.

That sadness is also in the fact that Prince Geo is growing, his mind is excellent and sharp. Sharper than mine. He knows that the population has grown 5.8 billion in 98 years since 1920, that he is the future leader of 7.7 billion people. His little mind doesn’t really think of the leadership he might do accept that he will be like his Father Prince William someday and his Grandfather Prince Charles. All know that they are the world leaders and people look up to them for their wisdom and opinion.

This saddens me that this might end my conversations with Prince Geo. I know what I am doing exploiting the association, but what can I do, I wrote about Silas Timberlake and I joking about his new Aunt Rose Biel. But it was more his own father and I joking around about it. Sometimes the sames have to happen to create good working associations or comfortable meetings.

I said sometimes, because not all the time do we all have to behave the same way, but currently it is important to Prince George to be the same as his Father Prince William, and I think that is a good thing.

This is an imaginative article, all lies because I live in Anchorage Alaska and the only way to form an association with my family member is through Telepathy. And it is a truth Telepathy is very real but society has created a truth “you lie to people about telepathy.”

YOU will be called mentally ill, and it harms you if you tell the truth. So I am harmed, and I want that harm on myself. I do not want this harm on Ashton Kutcher the founder of Thorn, Prince George, Prince Charles, Princess Catherine, Prince William and others that made the decision to lie.

My Pirate self does not respect the lie of Telepathy being not real! I am having issues. You don’t but I am going to speak with And Beyond Prince George about Cheese, Cambridge, School and who he is growing up to become his dad.


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