Tied up Against the Wall

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


1.8 million to 7.7 billion in 98 years, that is 5.8 billion population growth in 98 years, now I can bullshit. Truth is the adspace for Thorn and the statistics above the rest will be lies according to society, so I’m off keeping the timeline shit…

That is what a metronome does it keeps the time. It makes certain during a speech or a music composition that the time is kept in a way that pleases people. BOOM BOOM BOOM, more like CLICK CLICK CLICK.

Now confession I’m still on a call with Justin Timberlake, he had the time, and he is laughing about finding out that I played with my sisters metronome, my sister being a first chair jr violaist.  My spelling, not the queens English spelling. I told him laughing that I agree I need a timeline shit article for population growth and telling people how the JUSTIFY doing crap to other people and then call it timeline shit. You might as well have no vocabulary.

Grib it Grib it Grib it.. there a time line shit language, Chris Ashton just came into the call, and yes total bs… Britney Spears eat your heart out you were named BS, bullshit… Yes Justin and I both love you.

Sorry Ashton Kutcher, not supposed to use the name I am forced to use for private stuff. My own side not there. He is the founder of Thorn and timeline shit enthusiasts hate Thorn, they hate law enforcement, the courts, and… me.

So this is the goddess Venus, I might use Venus Aphrodite because she is me. So when Venus comes out it is time to get hated, first love is not an erection, or an erection getting a blow job to put a baby in your belly or to place a baby in a womans belly. That isn’t love, that is REPRODUCTION, and I enforce the rule of blow jobs/Fellatio first before baby in the belly.

Since I enforce those rules, I believe and know of other rules. And Beyond is about Rules, man has to follow Jehovah, Gods name like my name is Venus, God’s real name is Jehovah.

Jehovah made the rules for creating everything, everything isn’t just a baby in a belly woman.

So a metronome is hated by me, and I know it is useful, but it just keeps the time. It is all time is, a number, that goes click click click. But where is the language in that time? There is no language, just numbers. And since that is only numbers there is one maybe two rules that apply… click one rule: click two rule, that does not grow a tree, and there are rules that grow a tree from seed to full adult plant.

So tied up against the wall means I am tied up against the wall due to rules that have happened, those rules created by Jehovah, I could scream timeline shit and then something touches my heart says no don’t go there, the rule was…

and you have no right to tell the person breaking that rule was right.

That you agree that the person had the right to fly a plane into a building,  is timeline shit.

That you agree the child had no rights to screaming no to your touch., that is timeline shit

That you agree the murder of a loved one of someone else is Justified, that murder was timeline shit.

All of that is timeline shit.

When someone starts screaming Timeline shit, the person is screaming no rules. Well if there is no rules of course Thorn isn’t needed, why did Ashton Kutcher create something useless, if is all timeline shit right?

Well, since I am Venus and I know the rules that TIMELINE SHIT PRISON SENTENCE IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WHO HARM WOMEN AND CHILDREN SEXUALLY DESERVE. So hate me… I get what I deserve right… TEAM TIMELINE SHIT, right?

I do not love the word timeline shit, I can do a sentence in timeline shit:

Ashton Kutcher took a shit.

Timeline Shit (Ashton) Timeline shit (Kutcher) Timeline shit (took) Timeline Shit (a) Timeline Shit (shit)

It is spoken: Timeline shit Timeline Shit Timeline Shit Timeline shit Timeline Shit


All over again.

I am not and will never be team TIMELINE SHIT, it kills rules and languages.

Okay there is truth here, Justin Timberlake and I do calls, not in the conventional way, and both of us can deny that the call was made. Ashton Kutcher was never called by me today.

More to come…




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