Jada Pinkett Smith helped found Wise Women And Beyond: It is a lie I have to tell

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


I was founding this web-site wanting it to be about voting, women, men, and topics that get women elected, I wanted it called Wisdom Women and Beyond, then I got in Telepathy as a call, WISE Amanda, from Jada Pinkett Smith, I want to mention here quickly and get back on topic, Thorn is a tool to stop child sexual abuse is truth, Ashton Kutcher founded, and yes all lies here but I want this lie so bad. Wise Women and Beyond is Jada Pinkett Smith.

She is a loving mother that I would love to be like, and she is a step-mom to Sheri Moore’s children with Will Smith. Right now I am far from being same as that wonderful woman, I love my Celibacy Abstinence so much that I am no step mother person.

Yes, women like me admire Jada Pinkett Smith because she is beautiful and from reading I know she is a good mother. I am an imaginative liar and want to give Mrs. Smith the honor of Wise Woman co-founder. And I want to call myself a liar on certain topics not all, because if we know where the lies are the truth is easier to find.

Truth there are 1.8 billion people on the planet when women were given the vote in 1920. Now the current population is 7.7 billion, something happened, my own inner wisdom hates what happened because I know the truth, but lets lie… lets just say men are not supposed to have power over reproduction right? No that is a lie, so women are supposed to have reproductive power? Once again a lot of fellatio has happened to create 5.8 billion people, and I am sorry Mrs. Smith I am not ready for the truth.

So my lie is Telepathy is real and the little voice that helped me found this blog never happened, but I want to tell Mrs. Smith I admire you, and you are beautiful.




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