EcK comic no me! Henry Cavill Superman Durrell Conservation Group Thorn Clint Eastwood Trouble with the Curve


Economy isn’t for me! EECK the comic book economy isn’t for me! Think small could be big! Is a comic small, yup, but it isn’t. See that is what Durrell Conservation Group who has Superman, played by Henry Cavill, as the Ambassador currently thinks too.

Living small can improve habitat for animals around the planet.

A Polyamory is living small, but it might not be for Durrell Conservation Group. It is for this environmentalist.

Here is another reason for Polyamory, and yes it is called extended family, Elderly can live better in a Polyamory than old folks home. Trouble with the Curve star and Director is the best for this. I think the character Clint Eastwood plays would live better with both Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake, and that does happen with some extended families.

Once again it is about communication, a Polyamory is about non-abusive communication, and that is where Thorn comes in, a tool for law enforcement to stop child sexual abuse/child sex trafficking founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. So the character of Clint Eastwood if taught Polyamous communication would be able to enter into that Polyamory and get his needs met until the day he cannot communicate, but with clear communication he would be able before he loses his faculties tell his daughter what he needs and desires.

Thinking small isn’t just living in a Polyamory, it is building small if you want a monogamy, or being a single. I want Polyamory, so I am unconventional but that does create a smaller environment because more people live in one single family home.

Superman thinks small, according to the comic books, he stores his stuff in the north, and then lives in a small apartment. So Henry Cavill playing the character might love Durrell and land reclamation, because Superman would endorse saving the planet, Superman might even support Thorn to help him save children from child sex abusers as well.

We would stop elder abuse by paying attention to Clint Eastwood’s movie as well, Trouble with the Curve. Stop Abusing Elders, Children and the planet please.

WWFGifts helps protect what is left on this planet of animals please make a donation. @World_Wildlife

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn


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