Kevin Spacey Defendant doesn’t have to be famous Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill

Out of consideration for the defendant of a criminal case I am not using his photo. I think that this little site, that is for Men, well and women, has gotten Thorn the tool that gets rid of child sexual abuse founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care, out there a little bit.

I have written in the past how this tool might make the defendants famous and make the crime go on and on. I do not want that to happen. I do not know if Mr. Kutcher got the idea to Mr. Spacey, but I was happy to hear on the nightly news that the defendant does not want to make the crime famous. That took courage.

I do not know if Kevin Spacey is guilty of the crime, he is innocent until proven guilty, this is the USA where Mr. Spacey gets his day in criminal court and he has the right to defend his innocence.

I might have an opinion of guilt, due to the fact my children were in a hospital for evaluations in 2016, after two caregivers/teachers attacked the children. Both are still free. But those caregivers are not Mr. Spacey, and the hospital records do show the evaluations that happened, but even those two perpetrators have the same rights as Mr. Spacey to prove my children were not hurt, and can use my children having mental illness might have happened, one child in my family is diagnosed Aspergers but his sisters who were in the hospital do not, I do not know, in my opinion defense attorneys have the right to work and use what they must, but my children were not to be hurt in the first place.

Mr. Spacey’s alleged crime will not be spoken of here. Nor what he did or didn’t do.

I am just happy that Mr. Spacey agrees with me, and possibly Thorn agrees with me, the perpetrator and what that person does, does not need to be made famous, at least that is what I understood by the report.

Durrell Conservation Group is in a country where what was done allegedly, still not mentioning the actual act that Mr. Spacey allegedly did, is legal now if a person is a possible slave. You see 1833 Abolition of Slavery Act was repeal in 1997, allegedly there is only opinion that keeps people free currently.

Well a slave can be touched according to some in a sexual manner and cannot use due process to stop the attacker or owner.

I do not want to harm Durrell, I want tourism to Jersey United Kingdom to see the park, how does that happen with a repealed law? Especially if some people hate slavey in the first place.

Somehow I know I will get to Parliament through Henry Cavill the ambassador for Durrell Conservation Group, and I will get to people to tell that reclamation of wildlife land leads to better and safer living for women with children.

Thank you Mr. Spacey for your bravery and if you did the crime pay the price and go to prison.

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This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn



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