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My first Polyamorous living situation was this year, and it was not sexual at all, until one of the young sons of the woman I was paying for a room some asked me politely to have sex with him. I was flattered the blonde tall muscular young man was very attractive to me. I turned him down because at that time I was not emotionally ready for that. I still am not, so I am very pleased with being on my own an non-sexually active.

It is living small.

Again a Polyamory is more than one woman living in a home with more than one man. The roommate situation was just that, a beautiful older woman renting rooms out, and it is a family but it was not because that first Polyamory didn’t work out, I had to leave because of my own differences that cropped up, nothing wrong with the group just I felt I did not fit right.

I might be called a liar now, but I wanted to omit some of my own personal experiences, today because of the treason, I feel differently, and might as well explain living small.

The handsome blond young son did what a polyamorous man can do in that living situation, he asked very politely and not vulgarly for sex. It is also Bondage Dominance Sadomasochism speaking he picked up from somewhere. The living was nice, and it worked. I would live that way again.

The house had older people in it, potentially a gay man, but that was not really the impression I had, it was just one day a man left his room that was not him. There was an African American that lived there, who was apart of Macy Grey’s band, we spoke on my Justin Timberlake stuff and he understood completely. He had a lovely girlfriend that also lived in that home with him for a short time.

There is nothing wrong in a living small polyamorous situation.  And it can be a non-sexual situation, with the right communication and respect which was in the home. I lived small in my room, and did cook in the room once in a while.

The small room had a bed, tv, and I shared a bathroom with all the men and the beautiful older woman. I could get a small cooking pan that was electric, when I felt I could not contribute to the families food like I wanted too.

There is more money for me in that situation, and I feel the woman did have more money renting out the rooms. I miss her, but my difference are keeping me from the woman. She taught me so much about living small. That I had hoped to describe that experience better with more positive enthusiasm.

A big part of Polyamory is contributing to the house, so you can have the best living situation with expensive stuff. I wanted to contribute, but my poverty that I am going through was starting to hit me hard. So leaving was for the best, the woman and her sons deserve the luxury the polyamory was affording to them. But I think some polyamorous communication was not understood by some of the renters that I saw. So living small and polyamorous might be a slow idea, I have lived it so I know it is possible.

In a polyamorous situation BDSM communication is the key. And that has not started in society where communication happens with discussion of safe words.

The man from Macy Grey was the nicest, and when he was around I did feel safe.

Durrell Conservation Group advocates living small to reclaim wildlife. Henry Cavill a single, or with girlfriend that media has yet to report on, might want to know about this kind of living situation, might not be roommates for him, but when he is on a shoot it might interest instead of a hotel. He is the ambassador for Durrell Conservation Group, and his next project to be released is the Witcher Netflix 2019.

The roommate situation and other roommates might not call what happened a polyamory due to not understanding what a polyamory is, that is my job now is to explain it and tell people of the benefits. Once done, more living situations like that one I did live in can happen.

With Thorn in place for safety of children, founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care, living small is a great option for children as well, more outside space to play in.

WWFGifts helps protect what is left on this planet of animals please make a donation. @World_Wildlife

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn




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