Treason is selling Thorn to Government contracts, yup that happens wwab is history Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Thorn

Sell some of Thorn to the British Government, yup treason is here, Slave Trade Act of 1807 allows the United Kingdom’s military to use Thorn the tool that stops sex trafficking (which is slavery), to stop sex traffickers faster.

The Treason is that it can be used in the USA. I know the British will use treaties, to get the USA military to police us right? I know if Thorn is used by the military to stop sex trafficking, per Ashton Kutcher’s testimony, which is creepy, it is even creepy that I write about the crime daily a few times a day, but the British are ready with Law to stop point of sale of children or young women to consumers. Try it, I know the sale would kill my writing about Thorn.


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