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This came up today, and I should tell Durrell Conservation Group, Henry Cavill, and this is repeat information to the Justin Timberlake Stans, Eminem made the BEST SONG!

When ever this information comes out, subtle stuff happens to me, that I do not enjoy, but hey I did this, I am in the music and in the background of international hit songs. I am a woman behind so many hits that, I do have prideful moments of liking it, but then fans do get to me, and I go I know. I started in Celebrity the Album of Nsync 2001, if you heard the song Celebrity Justin Timberlake sings my name Amanda outloud, and following is get a job.

I know most of the songs I am in, and yes it is due to knowing people in the industry. I have met a few well known people, and I don’t use them often. I just have my life which 50% is public, and 50% is private.

I know I am in many albums of songs, and my name shows up in the background. The latest hits were Sauce and Living off the Land. I cannot write much about either of the songs, because the singer song writer had done something I saw it, and then I dropped it like a hot potato. I know when I met Travis, the name that was used when I had sex with a young man Five years younger than me, I being 23, and he 19 years old according to what he told me.

That happened in 1999, August 1999, again I’ve released details before, and I know it is findable. If people really want to know, it is already out so no new news.

My mom died in 1999 October, and I had issues, so met the father of my children. But in March 2000, a song was written on that date, the younger man called me, telling me I was his woman, and we had a talk. I stayed with the father of my children, and the young man NEVER CALLED ME AGAIN.

So 2011, I got saved by Jesus, and then I saw Freesol and Justin Timberlake were raping Role Model which lead to me going on a nut job search and finding my e-mail address and name in the back ground of popular music starting in 2001.

The whisper story came out, I dismissed it, that was What Goes Around Comes Back Around.

I listened to the whisper for the first time before, 20/20 Experience came out. It was my name, Amanda that was whispered in the music video.

I know Promiscuous Nelly Furtado is a song that was written, an entire phone call between myself and someone from personal finance high school.

Now all this is deniable. But in 20/20 Experience Justin Timberlake, some of the songs were known to me, and I know where my name came into the background of the songs. I also know in Man of the Woods, some in the body bullshit came into the background of a non-lyric song Living Off the Land. It is Prostitution expert. That one, was just an eye roll for me, but serious for the young man. We do not fight much. Because I understand his background.

I want Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher, and I might call the hotline they provided. Because sex sells, right? I had sex once with someone and ended up in Billions of dollars worth of songs.

The last song that I know I am in is Sauce, Man of the Woods, but I am not Sauce, that is someone else that I have never met, and might not want to meet. I am in that song, because the woman is missing what I was writing for Jesus Christ. What I was writing had NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL ABUSE, but I did call the woman an abuser, because in the body bull shit was happening, it is all deniable and never happened.

The young man, Travis, might know Justin Timberlake, I do understand industry so things happen, I might have mistaken him for some other guy, but bridges were burned so now it is his turn to cry.

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