More Slavery less tourism Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Thorn


The American south pre-civil war wasn’t really traveling to visit the coliseum in Rome, Italy all the time. Yes the plantations did have staff to watch over the slaves, but a smaller owner was not going places, he had to watch and keep the slave.

If it was a favorite slave and the owner had to leave, if the staff was mad at the owner, the slave might escape so vacation just to see places were not real.

Durrell Conservation Group has a little Zoo, it is a destination in Jersey United Kingdom, like the San Diego Zoo. I have not gone, I might never see the Zoo in Jersey, due to what I have to do here in the states, and the media I explained that I never asked for, with artists in the music industry. But as I wrote, I am placing that fame, my tiny amount behind Thorn a tool that stops child sexual abuse founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care like me.

I can say the web-site for the Jersey Zoo is nice, easy to navigate. And if people become interested in vacations, which many American’s are look at the attendance of the San Diego Zoo, every year people visit southern California.

Henry Cavill found a diamond. And slavery halts people from learning about Durrell Conservation Group and the Jersey Zoo. Heck a lot of politics stops people from traveling and enjoying happy places that people create around the planet.

WWFGifts helps protect what is left on this planet of animals please make a donation. @World_Wildlife

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn


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