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Which would you rather do? Sex tourism or visit your local zoo? This is on your own as a single doing travel when you need a break from work.

Me I’m a zoo person, Disney World was where I was working for a while 2015-2016 December before I found out that it is not politically Disney correct to want Child molesters in prison, why I got fired was for a vocal opinion.

So I volunteer for Thorn a tool that stops sex trafficking and sexual abuse of children founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care.

Now Disney has the Animal Kingdom, a park with rides and a zoo, themed with Asia and Africa in mind. I visited and worked that theme park, plus I worked the Animal Kingdom Lodge to do room service. Animals draw people, and Walt Disney World PROVED this.

Durrell Conservation Group has a Zoo in Jersey United Kingdom that yes I would visit, income and time limits that idea for me. Henry Cavill, whose next project is the Witcher Netflix, is the ambassador that got my attention for Durrell Conservation Group.

There are other destinations as well, St Louis has one on the last FREE Zoos in the USA, and I have visited that Zoo.  I loved Six Flags Discovery Kingdom outside of Vallejo CA, and their theme park with Seal attractions and dolphins. A zoo draws me like a moth to flame.

The Discovery Kingdom in 2001-2002 had famous walrus’s that were filmed with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler for a Hawaii marine world, and I was there the day of filming, they had everything sectioned off and you could not see the walrus that day, the movie 50 First Dates. Okay 50 First Dates the movie is sex trafficking right? Those Walrus were so sex trafficked.

I live in a wild life heaven, Alaska, that is endangered, because like all Alaskans we do want income and development, but we love our moose, bear and little tiny mice.

I have to close this off, I know for me as a single, I prefer the safety of a Zoo, and conserving wildlife is Alaska.

Side note if you were in Orlando, Florida 2015-2017, I was the woman in high heals, dresses and mildly talked to myself around Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

WWFGifts helps protect what is left on this planet of animals please make a donation. @World_Wildlife

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn


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