I am a consumer of GOOGLE, I love Google, Durrell Conservation Group, Henry Cavill, Thorn


I am a consumer of Google Translate and Google Images, and I was proud to see Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care having piloted for six months @Googleorg fellowship program. I support Google cleaning up Google images, because a better filter needs to be invented.

Entertainers and fictional characters like Snow White have a right when searched to not have a Bondage Dominate Sadomasochism, fetish images, and photo shopped penis’s for the men and other naked bodies for the women seen.

I know this happens because I have had accidental searches for say Snow White, and found images that were not child friendly images, being an adult I don’t care, but what if a child stumbles into that.

What has this to do with Durrell Conservation Group, or The Witcher starring their ambassador Henry Cavill? Good question, I bet when Superman is being searched Mr. Cavill does come up and we do not want to see his Tudors naked sex from behind shown to children.

Or if images for Durrell Conservation Group is looked up, do we want to see Theseus Henry Cavill their ambassador on top of the Oracle Phaedra played by Freida Pinto having sex from the movie the Immortals starring both action stars. So far I have yet to see those images, so I’ve been lucky and so is Durrell Conservation Group.

Durrell Conservation Group needs Google search as much as I do, so people like me can see all their animals, the Ambassadors with the animals, and see maps if Durrell Provides (I have yet to look up) of successful saving of the animals and what species.

Cleaning Google images up when Google is aware might happen, like I need Cambodian to work, Kmer, and I am thinking it might this week, so we can have conservation in Cambodia and jobs created that have nothing to do with the sex industry, conservation can create good paying jobs with tourism. That would be a job for Durrell Conservation Group if they can get the donations and work with Thorn who knows that situation better than me.

WWFGifts helps protect what is left on this planet of animals please make a donation. @World_Wildlife

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn

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