Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Mr. Kunis


Salad is a whole bunch stuff in one bowl. Well, that is Wise Women and Beyond. Thorn is a tool to stop sex trafficking which is sex slavery founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. Then I added to the salad Henry Cavill the ambassador for Durrell Conservation Group.

The goal donations for Thorn and then adding the conservation group has gone on, I am hoping it works. I do not get to see the results, but I know in my heart progress has been made.

This will continue no matter the technical difficulties that I am running into, like today my mouse and keyboard became my tablet, instead of my laptop. Or translator just went down due to me, not Google this time.


So this salad with so many elements is starting over again.

Just like the animals Durrell protects, and Henry Cavill gets donations for, wwab is a bit lost. I will find my way.

Remember twitter is where you can go to find donation buttons, for @World_Wildlife and @thorn, I’m addING @DurrellWildlife. There is no links currently due to my newness to my tablet to blog.




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