Lex Luthor owns Wise Women and Beyond Jada Pinkett Smith helped found (my lies) Durrell Conservation Group Thorn Mr. KUNIS


Twitter is an opportunity and Luthor Corp, owned by imprisoned and not parolled but might be soon Lex Luthor. Jada Pinket-Smith unbenotice to her got into a fan fiction, I actually founded but… Truth with lies has been this blog and I dropped that during Christmas.

Truth, poachers lie, sex traffickers and child sex abusers lie too. SO how do average people save themselves and the planet?

Durrell Conservation Group and Thorn both are trying to save the planet. Ashton Kutcher and Henry Cavill both in their small ways are saving the planet, but they are just action stars.

Twitter is promotion and activism, I am developing character to get activism a little less boring, and the character Lex Luthor is going to help me out here. The media whore Superman might not help me, Lex Luther also loves Evan from butterfly effect because that silly tech might be invented by Luthor Corp right? Then that city destruction that happens in Lex Luther’s world would end.

Let the real activism and good works begin, with a little entertainment fiction from fans with actual participation on Twitter to save children from very real criminals, and animals.

Remember twitter is where you can go to find donation buttons, for @World_Wildlife and @Thorn, I’m adding @Durrell Wildlife. There is no links currently due to my newness to my tablet.



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