Ashton Kutcher Thorn Henry Cavill Durrell Conservation group


My children 2016 laid in the hospital beds Seattle Washington, one May 5, six days before her 10th birthday, the other daughter July something before her 9th, and that will never change. Two girls under 11 years old attacked, victims being told “your the crazy child” not the attacker “being the crazy adult” that gets the pay check for being in the child’s area.

I could not be in Seatle, I at the time lived in Orlando Florida, and adults treat me now as if I’m the criminal, they do not treat the adults that placed my children in the hospital in the first place, that way.

Some adults have treated me as if I was the on in Seattle at the time. Even accusing me of doing the attack that I could have NEVER done because I have no custody of my children of visitation rights. But I’m the attacker of both children in 2016, when I was living in florida.

It was dec 2016 when I got fired from Walt Disney World, for wanting and stating outloud child molesters should be in prison. And this year August the same thing happened and it is clear my children do not live with me at all.

I gave custody, I repeat I gave custody to the multimillionaire father and his family. The father has access to millions, not 100,000,000, just a few million. He might not be the richest in his family, but I was the poorest being the stay at home mother. I did go through nasty stuff after due to taking back my first decision, yes I do want my children. But the courts helped me decide my first decision, the father was the best financial decision for the children.

The father was at work for both attacks that happened in 2016…

I want to take my children to Jersey Zoo, Henry Cavill star of the Witcher is ambassador for.

Now the rest of this article, should I walk away, I want to stay, thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher is the best tool, I know it, should Ashton Kutcher be able to walk away, he did divorce and create a new life… I might never be able to explore that. Because my children are victims… thorn is still needed.

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