Ashton Kutcher part 2 Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill


Difficult and who I am, the family I have on the father of my children’s side is wealth. I did mention I do not have custody. The reason why was resources were limited. Meaning the father and I made the decision before the children were born because the father had divorced parents and I had barely before my mom died October 1999, the divorce went through August 1999, divorced parents, we agreed divorce drama wasn’t what I wanted for the children.

The father of my children’s parents divorced when he was 2 1/2, mine divorced when I was 23.  My mom died 2 weeks into my 24 year, the father of my children’s mother died when he was 19. No same but we did agree he would be the better parent due to his family being more finanicially stable.

Thorn a tool to stop child molestation founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. There was no custody fight in 2012, just the court doing stuff to remind me of my decision in 2000-2001 that the father gets full custody. And he did.

Ashton Kutcher was not a father at the time of his divorce, he was step father and custody is none of my business.

He started a new a life, who is this mother of victims, to say Thorn is needed, when he has a new life, and he did do testimony in from of a congressional  committee.

Who am I to tell him do more, and I will not discuss this with you, who am I the abuser right?

I did find Durrell Conservation Group and went Superman Henry Cavill can help with children’s twitter. But I want some privacy that I have not gotten yet due to my self and who I attracted. Who am I?






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