Ashton Kutcher part 4 Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Agenda


Big picture is to stop abuse and save the planet, I saw two birds with one stone. Ashton Kutcher your divorce is none of the world’s business. Your remarriage none of the world’s business, but what that picture shows gave hope.


So should hope abuse you, I know that a past woman Ashton Kutcher dated was killed while he was dating her. The trail alone would take its toll on any person. Can you walk away?

Abuse of the environment is what Durrell Conservation Group looks at maybe looking at that point of view will stop abuses. Henry Cavill the ambassador and star of The Witcher like The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher on Netflix had a way of making people notice Durrell like me and saying smaller can make headway on reclamation for land and saving species like a tiny frog is possible.

Children are not frogs.

Ashton Kutcher might not love me having a headline calling him a pervert. I did just that months ago. I understand what Thorn does and the motivation is to save the children, but all the heroes, which I am not a hero, Ashton Kutcher is have to be aware of what is in some of the evidence and that titillates the abuser that does the sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.

What a parent wants is donations for both organizations.


Yes he can, is he? I don’t know.


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