10 Fiction Three


The telling of lies with truth in it.

Something I never understood,

Until Jesus was inside.

And now I find the truth here,

Vampires are Christians.

Mean ones some of them.

Some are good.

When I was dead it never occurred to me.

That a vampire was within Christ.

So here I am writing about a fiction,

Horror character,

That has truth in it.

So the two that were here before in poem lover,

Is here now,

New names needed,


Both and me are very busy,

Cannot do what was done before.

To save people is to not scare them.

They have to know happy hope and love,

Not the depth of evil men can do in the body once saved.

So how do us busy people move to the future.

There was always three of us.

Poem fish me,


Poem Lover my soul,


And the other Poem lover is with,


Always three to tell this long story.


All three very busy,

Poem lover with projects and family,

The female with projects and family.

And me with this new large project and family.


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