5 Jesus saves

Basics first.


Take Jesus sincerely in your heart.

People can tell you how.

Or just read this.

I believe Jesus is in my heart,

Because I invited him in one night on my couch.

I asked for Jesus to be inside of me.

No joke.

Just real life asking.

Then I got baptized over a year later.

Vampire will be about this.

How taking Jesus inside,

Lets miracles happen,

Like finding your wishing partner.


My wishing partner.

Hates me,

And I hate him.

My wishing partner is all business and creation.

Hate is a very real miracle and real emotion not just a word.

I also have with Jesus,

My hardening partner,

I was told he’s my real Adam,

And Indiana Jones.

You cannot have this without Jesus,

I didn’t,

Because I was unsaved as born again Christians call it.

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