8 You Soulmated

I wrote this the other day,

And Vampire was just an Idea,

Now reality.

Vampire killed the pissing media prostitute.

She’s dead,

But this poem.

Has her in it,

And she will live.

Under another name I hope.

You  Soul Mated.

Or you soulmated.

I am not you,

I couldn’t be you

Damn you I lost myself in you.

I know I’m an individual,

You are too.

But for one second.

Maybe two,

I am you.

I married her?

No you did.

But two became one,

(this is not in the poem but we think alike happened and I got frustrated with Poem Lover I wanted my own thoughts)

And she became important!!!!

I am not you,

You mated not me,

But our soul became one,

What you care for I do too.

You soul mated,

Not me!

But two you and I are one,

I lost me again my fear became real.

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