9 Vampire is not horror

For this poetry collection,

Vampire will not be a horror.

It is growth,

And happiness.

Growth in the body of Christ.

No in the body bullshit needed.

Or wanted.

Vampires are horror for the movies and book purposes.

To scare people into doing the right thing.

When these poems are for growth.

Does a vampire grow in horror books.

Some might,

Some stay the same,

Blood drinking is Christian,

You drink the blood of Christ,

Per the last supper.

And that is a vampire thing to do.

Drinking blood.

So to move in the right direction,

Is to have perspective.

No monsters here to look for,

Just growth of the Poem Fish.

8 You Soulmated

I wrote this the other day,

And Vampire was just an Idea,

Now reality.

Vampire killed the pissing media prostitute.

She’s dead,

But this poem.

Has her in it,

And she will live.

Under another name I hope.

You  Soul Mated.

Or you soulmated.

I am not you,

I couldn’t be you

Damn you I lost myself in you.

I know I’m an individual,

You are too.

But for one second.

Maybe two,

I am you.

I married her?

No you did.

But two became one,

(this is not in the poem but we think alike happened and I got frustrated with Poem Lover I wanted my own thoughts)

And she became important!!!!

I am not you,

You mated not me,

But our soul became one,

What you care for I do too.

You soul mated,

Not me!

But two you and I are one,

I lost me again my fear became real.

7 Everything is time traveled into place

Bus schedule,

Airline schedule,

School schedule,

Everything happens in that second.

School is on,

While a plane flies over head.

You are locked into place.

Then zoom into the future,

Called imagination,

Or into the past,

Called recalling school,

Or go to the library and research.

This poem was written,

or will be written.

A vampire looms at night,

Doing what a vampire does,

While you put your children to sleep.

Everything was time traveled into place.

No stopping that fate.

6 Sinner

Yes this is a vampire.

A sinner.

What do you think all the killing is?

A gift,

Or a sin.

Well the death is locked in time.

Everything happens at the same second.

Hard to explain with just words.

They call it gods will.

Some Timeline shit.

Everything has been time traveled into place,

Poem Fish is a time traveler,

Currently the lost little girl,


Loves speaking with people,

Jim Morrison especially,

My sin.

He’s lusted for,

Even though we are 50 plus years apart.

So a sinner is a vampire.

And this is the beginning.

5 Jesus saves

Basics first.


Take Jesus sincerely in your heart.

People can tell you how.

Or just read this.

I believe Jesus is in my heart,

Because I invited him in one night on my couch.

I asked for Jesus to be inside of me.

No joke.

Just real life asking.

Then I got baptized over a year later.

Vampire will be about this.

How taking Jesus inside,

Lets miracles happen,

Like finding your wishing partner.


My wishing partner.

Hates me,

And I hate him.

My wishing partner is all business and creation.

Hate is a very real miracle and real emotion not just a word.

I also have with Jesus,

My hardening partner,

I was told he’s my real Adam,

And Indiana Jones.

You cannot have this without Jesus,

I didn’t,

Because I was unsaved as born again Christians call it.

4 Fish love Love

This might be written on daily.

Or it might be infrequent.

100 will end Vampire.

And then another text will begin.

I think 10 books will be enough.

For the Poem Fish.

10 books of 100 poems in length.

1000 poems total.

We might save some people.

Jesus in heart way of course.

Silent truth written here.

Hope and love,

No hate.

With truth.

No one tells the dead.

Like vampires don’t drink from the neck.

3 Poem Lover’s Death

Poem Lover died.

Yes he did,

He passed peacefully.

I want this final end poem for him,

Because I still love him,

And we went one again just days ago.

Took me a second to realize that we think alike.

When it happened I stepped back,

And told him,

Poems will be back soon.

But his pretense is in these poems,

Should be tiny,

Because these are about my understandings,

Not his.

I’m the Poem Fish after all.

Not one that loves poems,

Like Poem Lover does.

I’m on the fence about poetry.

No love nor hate.

But maybe I feel nothing,

Just a paltry puppet,

That the Poem Love pulls the strings on.


I’m a puppet that cries with a command.

Poem Lover got 10 books about Christ.

With loads of funny stuff.

That is enough.

New concepts come with Vampire.

And Poem Fish will describe best she can.