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Big picture is to stop abuse and save the planet, I saw two birds with one stone. Ashton Kutcher your divorce is none of the world’s business. Your remarriage none of the world’s business, but what that picture shows gave hope.


So should hope abuse you, I know that a past woman Ashton Kutcher dated was killed while he was dating her. The trail alone would take its toll on any person. Can you walk away?

Abuse of the environment is what Durrell Conservation Group looks at maybe looking at that point of view will stop abuses. Henry Cavill the ambassador and star of The Witcher like The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher on Netflix had a way of making people notice Durrell like me and saying smaller can make headway on reclamation for land and saving species like a tiny frog is possible.

Children are not frogs.

Ashton Kutcher might not love me having a headline calling him a pervert. I did just that months ago. I understand what Thorn does and the motivation is to save the children, but all the heroes, which I am not a hero, Ashton Kutcher is have to be aware of what is in some of the evidence and that titillates the abuser that does the sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.

What a parent wants is donations for both organizations.


Yes he can, is he? I don’t know.



Ashton Kutcher part 2 Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill


Difficult and who I am, the family I have on the father of my children’s side is wealth. I did mention I do not have custody. The reason why was resources were limited. Meaning the father and I made the decision before the children were born because the father had divorced parents and I had barely before my mom died October 1999, the divorce went through August 1999, divorced parents, we agreed divorce drama wasn’t what I wanted for the children.

The father of my children’s parents divorced when he was 2 1/2, mine divorced when I was 23.  My mom died 2 weeks into my 24 year, the father of my children’s mother died when he was 19. No same but we did agree he would be the better parent due to his family being more finanicially stable.

Thorn a tool to stop child molestation founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. There was no custody fight in 2012, just the court doing stuff to remind me of my decision in 2000-2001 that the father gets full custody. And he did.

Ashton Kutcher was not a father at the time of his divorce, he was step father and custody is none of my business.

He started a new a life, who is this mother of victims, to say Thorn is needed, when he has a new life, and he did do testimony in from of a congressional  committee.

Who am I to tell him do more, and I will not discuss this with you, who am I the abuser right?

I did find Durrell Conservation Group and went Superman Henry Cavill can help with children’s twitter. But I want some privacy that I have not gotten yet due to my self and who I attracted. Who am I?






Ashton Kutcher Thorn Henry Cavill Durrell Conservation group


My children 2016 laid in the hospital beds Seattle Washington, one May 5, six days before her 10th birthday, the other daughter July something before her 9th, and that will never change. Two girls under 11 years old attacked, victims being told “your the crazy child” not the attacker “being the crazy adult” that gets the pay check for being in the child’s area.

I could not be in Seatle, I at the time lived in Orlando Florida, and adults treat me now as if I’m the criminal, they do not treat the adults that placed my children in the hospital in the first place, that way.

Some adults have treated me as if I was the on in Seattle at the time. Even accusing me of doing the attack that I could have NEVER done because I have no custody of my children of visitation rights. But I’m the attacker of both children in 2016, when I was living in florida.

It was dec 2016 when I got fired from Walt Disney World, for wanting and stating outloud child molesters should be in prison. And this year August the same thing happened and it is clear my children do not live with me at all.

I gave custody, I repeat I gave custody to the multimillionaire father and his family. The father has access to millions, not 100,000,000, just a few million. He might not be the richest in his family, but I was the poorest being the stay at home mother. I did go through nasty stuff after due to taking back my first decision, yes I do want my children. But the courts helped me decide my first decision, the father was the best financial decision for the children.

The father was at work for both attacks that happened in 2016…

I want to take my children to Jersey Zoo, Henry Cavill star of the Witcher is ambassador for.

Now the rest of this article, should I walk away, I want to stay, thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher is the best tool, I know it, should Ashton Kutcher be able to walk away, he did divorce and create a new life… I might never be able to explore that. Because my children are victims… thorn is still needed.

Thorn Donations Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Mr Kunis


This happened and I want more for both charities, I also want adult twitter for adult content. My translations are currently gone, the advertising gone, due to OS failure.

I was fired twice because I want child molesters  in prison. I am not politically correct.

Lex Luthor owns Wise Women and Beyond Jada Pinkett Smith helped found (my lies) Durrell Conservation Group Thorn Mr. KUNIS


Twitter is an opportunity and Luthor Corp, owned by imprisoned and not parolled but might be soon Lex Luthor. Jada Pinket-Smith unbenotice to her got into a fan fiction, I actually founded but… Truth with lies has been this blog and I dropped that during Christmas.

Truth, poachers lie, sex traffickers and child sex abusers lie too. SO how do average people save themselves and the planet?

Durrell Conservation Group and Thorn both are trying to save the planet. Ashton Kutcher and Henry Cavill both in their small ways are saving the planet, but they are just action stars.

Twitter is promotion and activism, I am developing character to get activism a little less boring, and the character Lex Luthor is going to help me out here. The media whore Superman might not help me, Lex Luther also loves Evan from butterfly effect because that silly tech might be invented by Luthor Corp right? Then that city destruction that happens in Lex Luther’s world would end.

Let the real activism and good works begin, with a little entertainment fiction from fans with actual participation on Twitter to save children from very real criminals, and animals.

Remember twitter is where you can go to find donation buttons, for @World_Wildlife and @Thorn, I’m adding @Durrell Wildlife. There is no links currently due to my newness to my tablet.



Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Mr. Kunis


Salad is a whole bunch stuff in one bowl. Well, that is Wise Women and Beyond. Thorn is a tool to stop sex trafficking which is sex slavery founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. Then I added to the salad Henry Cavill the ambassador for Durrell Conservation Group.

The goal donations for Thorn and then adding the conservation group has gone on, I am hoping it works. I do not get to see the results, but I know in my heart progress has been made.

This will continue no matter the technical difficulties that I am running into, like today my mouse and keyboard became my tablet, instead of my laptop. Or translator just went down due to me, not Google this time.


So this salad with so many elements is starting over again.

Just like the animals Durrell protects, and Henry Cavill gets donations for, wwab is a bit lost. I will find my way.

Remember twitter is where you can go to find donation buttons, for @World_Wildlife and @thorn, I’m addING @DurrellWildlife. There is no links currently due to my newness to my tablet to blog.




Personal will not be translated Thorn Henry Cavill Voyeurism Exploited


I thought this over, and discussed this with my soul, and yes my soul wants this admission very badly again. I am a female that likes watching. EVERYTHING, and I get enjoyment from it.

People exploit voyeurs and do not understand voyeurism.

The exploitation of this, and the fact that I need to exhibit to attract those that love being watched can get to a woman because of society.

This is my exhibit, and yes I exhibit sexually, I know I’m Polyamorous, and that gets damned fast. I know I am bi-sexual that gets damned fast (people assume I’m a whore and swinger) and I know I have yet to go down on a woman, due to society, I know that truth but isn’t the truth, others do and are not damned to be a whore right.

So I am damned to be a pervert and misunderstood. And yes you see online people exhibiting but you are supposed to call them whores right? That is only me right?

I also get some of the ugliest, I have a girlfriend, I am just like you sometimes throughout my life, when I am like, I know you are not like me, I know I am an active VOYEUR and I know what I love to watch for my pleasure and it ain’t you.

I have loved watching Mr. Cavill, Mr. Kutcher, Mr. Timberlake, Mr. Ford, Mr. Cruise, Mr. Pitt…

It is hard because I am not like the people I watch, but I am. I love their hard muscular bodies, while me I’m cursed with slovenly fat. At my worst I was 286, and it wasn’t nice, I showed the father of my children the worst of the obesity and he didn’t help me one bit, and he was an athlete voyeur not polyamorous. Which is truth. A fat non-meal counter was with an athlete for birthing children that are amazing people, and were the reality of why I want Thorn in every place I can put it, since my children were at school and the boy and girls club when adults attacked them. Thorn is a tool to stop sexual abuse of children founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care to stop people from sending children to the hospital.

I started being a voyeur at the age of 10 for certain and I know my parents would be damned for ordering the BDSM fetish catalogs that started what I do. I know I went to the movie theater weekly seeking out my voyeurism. I used to have HBO for some of my voyeurism. I now have Netflix and Vudu and it feeds the need to watch nicely. And I know a rated G isn’t voyeurism right? I think not, because voyeurism is watching something to gain pleasure. And I am not stopping that, so I call myself a pervert once in a while to be same as others, when I know I am not the same and I don’t think I really am one, a pervert.

SO this is who I am, and it gets me in trouble. I am exhibiting the same as those I watch, including sexually. Is it wrong? I don’t think so, but it can harm those that I watch because they might not understand what pleasure I do get is personal and highly selfish.

I am a female voyeur, I am not sneaking, I know what I want to watch and seek that out you do not have to make me watch what you like but that happens to voyeurs, voyeurs are exploited because some exhibitionist doesn’t understand what I actually do and assumes I want to see that particular person when I never seek that person out… etc. Add what you think and I can say yes you are right or no you never met a real voyeur.

I seek Henry Cavill out as someone I do watch, not understanding something about my voyeurism, I just liked the stories he was in, I love how he looks and might have new with the Witcher. I know I am in a dangerous thing for my voyeurism as of yesterday. Not certain how to navigate that, I normally just go off on my own and enjoy that being on my own thing.

If I tell someone I am a fan but I am not a fan, it means I might want some privacy about what I do, to not have embarrassing moments of, or even this embarrassing article to eat at me and I go okay I’ll get this out. I am a fan, of many people. My voyeurism might get me in trouble… well it has in the past.

This didn’t write right. I know I am trying to explain a complicated thing, my voyeurism is personal and complex. And I want nobody harmed including me.

WWFGifts helps protect what is left on this planet of animals please make a donation. @World_Wildlife

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse. @thorn