Save Lion King’s Timon! Meercats. 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM


Okay you are not saving Timon or Timon’s African family but you are saving Meercats, that can be seen at the Jersey Zoo. Register, race, have fun.

Save the planet saves everybody, including children. Donate to thorn.



Pink Pigeons 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM


This week on twitter was the anniversary of the Pink Pigeon return. Gerald Durrell established the first captive breeding program in Europe for the endangered species. This is a good reason to register for the Durrell Challenge that is for the spring race, and do the winter race for the new gorilla house in November, and then especially register for the Icecream and Pizza.

Save the planet saves pigeons. Save the planet gives children pigeons to look at and enjoy.

Donate to Thorn as well to save the children.

Save the planet saves the Children 12/05/2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM


Go wild for gorillas is an art inspired event at the Jersey Zoo, Trinity, Jersey. You would think that is in New Jersey USA, but it is not, New Jersey must have been named for Jersey United Kingdom, but I did not research that so I could be wrong.

Jersey Zoo inspired “save the planet saves the children” last December, it is almost a year of supporting Durrell Conservation Group with Thorn for me. Thorn is not affiliated with the Zoo, neither did either of them authorize me using them to forward the simple idea, that stopping harming children and then the planet would help both, not harm either.

So I’m changing again, and it is because it is a good idea to keep supporting and encouraging people to learn about both, saving the planet and saving the children.

The children inherit the planet from us, why not reclaim some land so they can see wild animals in their natural habitat. It will make children happy. So why not.

Race for Durrell with Icecream and Pizza 12.05.2019, and please donate to Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Durrell Dash 3 November to raise money for the new Gorilla house


Saw that on twitter and that is just what people who read me should do, have fun and run. The Gorillas need a new home, and the run on November 3rd will raise money for just that.

Please support Durrell conservation group, they save the planet.

Support Thorn as well, they save the children.

Things are fixed for posting 12/5/2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM


Old photo I know but DO IT FOR DURRELL, donate for the children. Save the planet saves children.

I will get more creative over the next couple of months figuring out how to promote in my way Durrell Challenge and the Jersey Zoo, with Thorn in the back ground. Maybe saving the planet is simple.

I know I have not written much, that might change too as of today.

Thank you for reading, register for the Icecream and Pizza.

Ashton Kutcher part 4 Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Agenda


Big picture is to stop abuse and save the planet, I saw two birds with one stone. Ashton Kutcher your divorce is none of the world’s business. Your remarriage none of the world’s business, but what that picture shows gave hope.


So should hope abuse you, I know that a past woman Ashton Kutcher dated was killed while he was dating her. The trail alone would take its toll on any person. Can you walk away?

Abuse of the environment is what Durrell Conservation Group looks at maybe looking at that point of view will stop abuses. Henry Cavill the ambassador and star of The Witcher like The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher on Netflix had a way of making people notice Durrell like me and saying smaller can make headway on reclamation for land and saving species like a tiny frog is possible.

Children are not frogs.

Ashton Kutcher might not love me having a headline calling him a pervert. I did just that months ago. I understand what Thorn does and the motivation is to save the children, but all the heroes, which I am not a hero, Ashton Kutcher is have to be aware of what is in some of the evidence and that titillates the abuser that does the sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.

What a parent wants is donations for both organizations.


Yes he can, is he? I don’t know.


Ashton Kutcher part 2 Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill


Difficult and who I am, the family I have on the father of my children’s side is wealth. I did mention I do not have custody. The reason why was resources were limited. Meaning the father and I made the decision before the children were born because the father had divorced parents and I had barely before my mom died October 1999, the divorce went through August 1999, divorced parents, we agreed divorce drama wasn’t what I wanted for the children.

The father of my children’s parents divorced when he was 2 1/2, mine divorced when I was 23.Β  My mom died 2 weeks into my 24 year, the father of my children’s mother died when he was 19. No same but we did agree he would be the better parent due to his family being more finanicially stable.

Thorn a tool to stop child molestation founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. There was no custody fight in 2012, just the court doing stuff to remind me of my decision in 2000-2001 that the father gets full custody. And he did.

Ashton Kutcher was not a father at the time of his divorce, he was step father and custody is none of my business.

He started a new a life, who is this mother of victims, to say Thorn is needed, when he has a new life, and he did do testimony in from of a congressionalΒ  committee.

Who am I to tell him do more, and I will not discuss this with you, who am I the abuser right?

I did find Durrell Conservation Group and went Superman Henry Cavill can help with children’s twitter. But I want some privacy that I have not gotten yet due to my self and who I attracted. Who am I?