Lex Luthor owns Wise Women and Beyond Jada Pinkett Smith helped found (my lies) Durrell Conservation Group Thorn Mr. KUNIS


Twitter is an opportunity and Luthor Corp, owned by imprisoned and not parolled but might be soon Lex Luthor. Jada Pinket-Smith unbenotice to her got into a fan fiction, I actually founded but… Truth with lies has been this blog and I dropped that during Christmas.

Truth, poachers lie, sex traffickers and child sex abusers lie too. SO how do average people save themselves and the planet?

Durrell Conservation Group and Thorn both are trying to save the planet. Ashton Kutcher and Henry Cavill both in their small ways are saving the planet, but they are just action stars.

Twitter is promotion and activism, I am developing character to get activism a little less boring, and the character Lex Luthor is going to help me out here. The media whore Superman might not help me, Lex Luther also loves Evan from butterfly effect because that silly tech might be invented by Luthor Corp right? Then that city destruction that happens in Lex Luther’s world would end.

Let the real activism and good works begin, with a little entertainment fiction from fans with actual participation on Twitter to save children from very real criminals, and animals.

Remember twitter is where you can go to find donation buttons, for @World_Wildlife and @Thorn, I’m adding @Durrell Wildlife. There is no links currently due to my newness to my tablet.



Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Mr. Kunis


Salad is a whole bunch stuff in one bowl. Well, that is Wise Women and Beyond. Thorn is a tool to stop sex trafficking which is sex slavery founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care. Then I added to the salad Henry Cavill the ambassador for Durrell Conservation Group.

The goal donations for Thorn and then adding the conservation group has gone on, I am hoping it works. I do not get to see the results, but I know in my heart progress has been made.

This will continue no matter the technical difficulties that I am running into, like today my mouse and keyboard became my tablet, instead of my laptop. Or translator just went down due to me, not Google this time.


So this salad with so many elements is starting over again.

Just like the animals Durrell protects, and Henry Cavill gets donations for, wwab is a bit lost. I will find my way.

Remember twitter is where you can go to find donation buttons, for @World_Wildlife and @thorn, I’m addING @DurrellWildlife. There is no links currently due to my newness to my tablet to blog.




Personal will not be translated Thorn Henry Cavill Voyeurism Exploited


I thought this over, and discussed this with my soul, and yes my soul wants this admission very badly again. I am a female that likes watching. EVERYTHING, and I get enjoyment from it.

People exploit voyeurs and do not understand voyeurism.

The exploitation of this, and the fact that I need to exhibit to attract those that love being watched can get to a woman because of society.

This is my exhibit, and yes I exhibit sexually, I know I’m Polyamorous, and that gets damned fast. I know I am bi-sexual that gets damned fast (people assume I’m a whore and swinger) and I know I have yet to go down on a woman, due to society, I know that truth but isn’t the truth, others do and are not damned to be a whore right.

So I am damned to be a pervert and misunderstood. And yes you see online people exhibiting but you are supposed to call them whores right? That is only me right?

I also get some of the ugliest, I have a girlfriend, I am just like you sometimes throughout my life, when I am like, I know you are not like me, I know I am an active VOYEUR and I know what I love to watch for my pleasure and it ain’t you.

I have loved watching Mr. Cavill, Mr. Kutcher, Mr. Timberlake, Mr. Ford, Mr. Cruise, Mr. Pitt…

It is hard because I am not like the people I watch, but I am. I love their hard muscular bodies, while me I’m cursed with slovenly fat. At my worst I was 286, and it wasn’t nice, I showed the father of my children the worst of the obesity and he didn’t help me one bit, and he was an athlete voyeur not polyamorous. Which is truth. A fat non-meal counter was with an athlete for birthing children that are amazing people, and were the reality of why I want Thorn in every place I can put it, since my children were at school and the boy and girls club when adults attacked them. Thorn is a tool to stop sexual abuse of children founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care to stop people from sending children to the hospital.

I started being a voyeur at the age of 10 for certain and I know my parents would be damned for ordering the BDSM fetish catalogs that started what I do. I know I went to the movie theater weekly seeking out my voyeurism. I used to have HBO for some of my voyeurism. I now have Netflix and Vudu and it feeds the need to watch nicely. And I know a rated G isn’t voyeurism right? I think not, because voyeurism is watching something to gain pleasure. And I am not stopping that, so I call myself a pervert once in a while to be same as others, when I know I am not the same and I don’t think I really am one, a pervert.

SO this is who I am, and it gets me in trouble. I am exhibiting the same as those I watch, including sexually. Is it wrong? I don’t think so, but it can harm those that I watch because they might not understand what pleasure I do get is personal and highly selfish.

I am a female voyeur, I am not sneaking, I know what I want to watch and seek that out you do not have to make me watch what you like but that happens to voyeurs, voyeurs are exploited because some exhibitionist doesn’t understand what I actually do and assumes I want to see that particular person when I never seek that person out… etc. Add what you think and I can say yes you are right or no you never met a real voyeur.

I seek Henry Cavill out as someone I do watch, not understanding something about my voyeurism, I just liked the stories he was in, I love how he looks and might have new with the Witcher. I know I am in a dangerous thing for my voyeurism as of yesterday. Not certain how to navigate that, I normally just go off on my own and enjoy that being on my own thing.

If I tell someone I am a fan but I am not a fan, it means I might want some privacy about what I do, to not have embarrassing moments of, or even this embarrassing article to eat at me and I go okay I’ll get this out. I am a fan, of many people. My voyeurism might get me in trouble… well it has in the past.

This didn’t write right. I know I am trying to explain a complicated thing, my voyeurism is personal and complex. And I want nobody harmed including me.

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Witness Harrison Ford Young boy was Manipulated in what he sees Voyeurism Durrell Conservation Group Thorn Henry Cavill


This movie came out in the 1980’s and gained critical acclaim, because two worlds came together to protect one child.

That is like Durrell Conservation Group and Thorn, two different tools, I know Durrell Conservation Group is bigger than Thorn, but those two different groups protect that same thing, the planet. Thorn is founded by Ashton Kutcher and others that care.

Children create the planet. Yes, they are the future. So Durrell Conservation Group doesn’t need me, my adult voyeurisms right? Well a Zoo is a place to watch animals. Yes VOYEURISM, and the Jersey Zoo encourages it.

The Jersey Zoo might not be about Harrison Ford’s movie. The movie is about a witness to a murder, that needs protection, well the animals that are poached have family too, and that family sees the murders as well. There is no Harrison Ford and an Amish community to protect them. Actually there is nobody but humans to protect the animals.

And the humans are the ones that kill the fucking animals.

Now I do eat meat, so I do understand subsistence eating. But poaching isn’t eating, it is just murder, like the one done in Witness.

Now I mentioned voyeurism, well voyeurism is that witness, how that child wanted voyeurism of a murder is your guess and mine. That Witness has the court system, the animals do not.

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Poaching with sex trafficking, I’m a pervert Mr. Kunis, trash in the Pacific thorn Henry Cavill Durrell Conservation Group


I am sorry to Durrell Conservation Group, this is my perversion creeping up, but the image is poaching, and it is sex trafficking at the same time. Yes that woman has been poached like a tiger, elephant, whale and polar bear, but she is also a sexual assault victim at the same time.

Durrell and Thorn, ambassador Henry Cavill, founder Ashton Kutcher, stop the poaching and sex trafficking. Enough said.

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Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Jersey Zoo Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Thorn Fun Raiser! Mr. Kunis.

Lets raise some FUN! Yes Fun raiser is today! And why not think of stopping sex trafficking as starting some fun!!! I know Thorn needs more fund raising to help with after care of those victims from sex trafficking and child sexual. Founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care.

The above photo is from a Rugby match that was fund raising for Durrell Conservation Group, well what happens after the fun? Well food and wine.

I did put up a vintage that I enjoy, Ménage a Trios, and I do not understand pairings or the date so do not ask me for that wine snobbery, I just like the taste, like I like one certain man. I like him, and I might never see him, so wine is like that man, he wished on his scent and I cannot prove it, but he’s driving me crazy. The man is not Mr. Kunis.

I like red blends, well after the fund raiser there can be an after party that is more intimate. But before there could be walks around the Jersey Zoo, and nice enjoyable times with single, dating people, or families.

Just like Animal Kingdom has Animal Kingdom Lodge, there are hotels on Jersey, United Kingdom, that could see to the needs of couples, Polyamory’s and family’s, but a polyamory is a family and so is polygamy, but that is other articles.

SO this is a light article, I needed it. Because this is about fun. Sometimes Voting, fun raising, and getting sexual abuse stopped is not fun, yes I am even a pervert mentioning that I like looking at Snow White in BDSM gear.

I hope the Ambassador of Durrell Conservation Group, Henry Cavill the star of The Witcher Netflix’s opening soon, inspires people to look into conservation, and saving children at the same time. Please think of the Jersey Zoo, United Kingdom as a destination like Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Florida, and that fun could stop sex trafficking and child sexual abuse because instead of thinking of hurting someone, people are enjoying themselves on vacation.

Look at a vacation where you stop at Jersey Zoo and then jet off to a Disney Hotel for Disneyland Paris, France, that would be an awesome vacation package.

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I am a consumer of GOOGLE, I love Google, Durrell Conservation Group, Henry Cavill, Thorn


I am a consumer of Google Translate and Google Images, and I was proud to see Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care having piloted for six months @Googleorg fellowship program. I support Google cleaning up Google images, because a better filter needs to be invented.

Entertainers and fictional characters like Snow White have a right when searched to not have a Bondage Dominate Sadomasochism, fetish images, and photo shopped penis’s for the men and other naked bodies for the women seen.

I know this happens because I have had accidental searches for say Snow White, and found images that were not child friendly images, being an adult I don’t care, but what if a child stumbles into that.

What has this to do with Durrell Conservation Group, or The Witcher starring their ambassador Henry Cavill? Good question, I bet when Superman is being searched Mr. Cavill does come up and we do not want to see his Tudors naked sex from behind shown to children.

Or if images for Durrell Conservation Group is looked up, do we want to see Theseus Henry Cavill their ambassador on top of the Oracle Phaedra played by Freida Pinto having sex from the movie the Immortals starring both action stars. So far I have yet to see those images, so I’ve been lucky and so is Durrell Conservation Group.

Durrell Conservation Group needs Google search as much as I do, so people like me can see all their animals, the Ambassadors with the animals, and see maps if Durrell Provides (I have yet to look up) of successful saving of the animals and what species.

Cleaning Google images up when Google is aware might happen, like I need Cambodian to work, Kmer, and I am thinking it might this week, so we can have conservation in Cambodia and jobs created that have nothing to do with the sex industry, conservation can create good paying jobs with tourism. That would be a job for Durrell Conservation Group if they can get the donations and work with Thorn who knows that situation better than me.

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Zoo Tourism Walt Disney Animal Kingdom Sex Tourism Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill 50 First Dates


Which would you rather do? Sex tourism or visit your local zoo? This is on your own as a single doing travel when you need a break from work.

Me I’m a zoo person, Disney World was where I was working for a while 2015-2016 December before I found out that it is not politically Disney correct to want Child molesters in prison, why I got fired was for a vocal opinion.

So I volunteer for Thorn a tool that stops sex trafficking and sexual abuse of children founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care.

Now Disney has the Animal Kingdom, a park with rides and a zoo, themed with Asia and Africa in mind. I visited and worked that theme park, plus I worked the Animal Kingdom Lodge to do room service. Animals draw people, and Walt Disney World PROVED this.

Durrell Conservation Group has a Zoo in Jersey United Kingdom that yes I would visit, income and time limits that idea for me. Henry Cavill, whose next project is the Witcher Netflix, is the ambassador that got my attention for Durrell Conservation Group.

There are other destinations as well, St Louis has one on the last FREE Zoos in the USA, and I have visited that Zoo.  I loved Six Flags Discovery Kingdom outside of Vallejo CA, and their theme park with Seal attractions and dolphins. A zoo draws me like a moth to flame.

The Discovery Kingdom in 2001-2002 had famous walrus’s that were filmed with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler for a Hawaii marine world, and I was there the day of filming, they had everything sectioned off and you could not see the walrus that day, the movie 50 First Dates. Okay 50 First Dates the movie is sex trafficking right? Those Walrus were so sex trafficked.

I live in a wild life heaven, Alaska, that is endangered, because like all Alaskans we do want income and development, but we love our moose, bear and little tiny mice.

I have to close this off, I know for me as a single, I prefer the safety of a Zoo, and conserving wildlife is Alaska.

Side note if you were in Orlando, Florida 2015-2017, I was the woman in high heals, dresses and mildly talked to myself around Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

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More Slavery less tourism Durrell Conservation Group Henry Cavill Thorn


The American south pre-civil war wasn’t really traveling to visit the coliseum in Rome, Italy all the time. Yes the plantations did have staff to watch over the slaves, but a smaller owner was not going places, he had to watch and keep the slave.

If it was a favorite slave and the owner had to leave, if the staff was mad at the owner, the slave might escape so vacation just to see places were not real.

Durrell Conservation Group has a little Zoo, it is a destination in Jersey United Kingdom, like the San Diego Zoo. I have not gone, I might never see the Zoo in Jersey, due to what I have to do here in the states, and the media I explained that I never asked for, with artists in the music industry. But as I wrote, I am placing that fame, my tiny amount behind Thorn a tool that stops child sexual abuse founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care like me.

I can say the web-site for the Jersey Zoo is nice, easy to navigate. And if people become interested in vacations, which many American’s are look at the attendance of the San Diego Zoo, every year people visit southern California.

Henry Cavill found a diamond. And slavery halts people from learning about Durrell Conservation Group and the Jersey Zoo. Heck a lot of politics stops people from traveling and enjoying happy places that people create around the planet.

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Man of the Woods, ya Fans EYE ROLL, old news, Henry Cavill Catnip, Durrell, Thorn


This came up today, and I should tell Durrell Conservation Group, Henry Cavill, and this is repeat information to the Justin Timberlake Stans, Eminem made the BEST SONG!

When ever this information comes out, subtle stuff happens to me, that I do not enjoy, but hey I did this, I am in the music and in the background of international hit songs. I am a woman behind so many hits that, I do have prideful moments of liking it, but then fans do get to me, and I go I know. I started in Celebrity the Album of Nsync 2001, if you heard the song Celebrity Justin Timberlake sings my name Amanda outloud, and following is get a job.

I know most of the songs I am in, and yes it is due to knowing people in the industry. I have met a few well known people, and I don’t use them often. I just have my life which 50% is public, and 50% is private.

I know I am in many albums of songs, and my name shows up in the background. The latest hits were Sauce and Living off the Land. I cannot write much about either of the songs, because the singer song writer had done something I saw it, and then I dropped it like a hot potato. I know when I met Travis, the name that was used when I had sex with a young man Five years younger than me, I being 23, and he 19 years old according to what he told me.

That happened in 1999, August 1999, again I’ve released details before, and I know it is findable. If people really want to know, it is already out so no new news.

My mom died in 1999 October, and I had issues, so met the father of my children. But in March 2000, a song was written on that date, the younger man called me, telling me I was his woman, and we had a talk. I stayed with the father of my children, and the young man NEVER CALLED ME AGAIN.

So 2011, I got saved by Jesus, and then I saw Freesol and Justin Timberlake were raping Role Model which lead to me going on a nut job search and finding my e-mail address and name in the back ground of popular music starting in 2001.

The whisper story came out, I dismissed it, that was What Goes Around Comes Back Around.

I listened to the whisper for the first time before, 20/20 Experience came out. It was my name, Amanda that was whispered in the music video.

I know Promiscuous Nelly Furtado is a song that was written, an entire phone call between myself and someone from personal finance high school.

Now all this is deniable. But in 20/20 Experience Justin Timberlake, some of the songs were known to me, and I know where my name came into the background of the songs. I also know in Man of the Woods, some in the body bullshit came into the background of a non-lyric song Living Off the Land. It is Prostitution expert. That one, was just an eye roll for me, but serious for the young man. We do not fight much. Because I understand his background.

I want Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher, and I might call the hotline they provided. Because sex sells, right? I had sex once with someone and ended up in Billions of dollars worth of songs.

The last song that I know I am in is Sauce, Man of the Woods, but I am not Sauce, that is someone else that I have never met, and might not want to meet. I am in that song, because the woman is missing what I was writing for Jesus Christ. What I was writing had NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL ABUSE, but I did call the woman an abuser, because in the body bull shit was happening, it is all deniable and never happened.

The young man, Travis, might know Justin Timberlake, I do understand industry so things happen, I might have mistaken him for some other guy, but bridges were burned so now it is his turn to cry.

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