Mother died today 19 years ago

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My mother died today, it was early in the morning when I got the phone call, and she was gone.

Gone Gone Gone.

Been sitting here cannot get her off my mind, I guess I have to be Amanda and be strong, I cannot help myself but the truth remains she’s gone,



Sorry Nsync decided to call me while doing this, and yes JC Chasez in the music video looks upset. Well, it is upsetting when a mother leaves. I miss Nsync’s calls, fighting with Joe Fatone in Telepathy is epic, but that was before I found Thorn, and Joe Fatone agrees that is what I needed to find and for him to support, which he does support Thorn.

When my children were attacked, 2016, Joe tried with his wisdom to calm me down, it didn’t work I was not happy about my children being attacked and at the time in 2016 I did not get calm.

I loved going in Orlando, Florida to the Florida Mall to eat Branch though, Branch is from Trolls, Braspberry Italian Ice, that was at Joe Fatone little hot dog stand Fat One.

Anyway, I miss the guys, I’m one of them but not. And the calls are less frequent since I came back to Alaska. Yup calls less frequent, and I’m okay with that, so are they.

Mother died after my meeting with Nsync in 1999, that was on JC Chasez’s birthday, but everybody in the world knows this so old Nsync News nothing here, JC Chasez on his birthday proposed to me, and I went nope, I’m with Justin. Which was truth, I was with Justin, but because of MEDIA happy people Nsync KNEW about I got left behind, and I’m doing okay with that.

My mom died that OCTOBER, and Nsync was long gone by then, not knowing that was happening to me, but knowing. Remember I time-travel, so others do too.

I’m lighting a candle again today in Catholic Tradition. I formerly a Roman Catholic, heck my excommunication is secret, but I might not be excommunicated no paperwork, that is another story and mystery of the Catholic Church.

I miss mom, and yes the lies that are in this TIME TRAVELING, TELEPATHY, MY EXCOMMUNICATION (Mystery of the Catholic Church) and I am going to state when I lie, society loves that, and then I am interesting and not full of shit.

1.8 billion in 1920 Truth.



Telepathy is real: But We tell lies, my new lie is with Prince George

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I am speaking with Prince George of Cambridge today, on a call with him, his father and mother, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and having a delightful conversation. Prince George is my family member, but is not. I have called him in the past Prince Geo.

Now remember I will tell you when I am lying, and socially I just lied. I enjoy talking to the And Beyond Little prince who will not be a man for a couple of decades. Well, I hope he’s a full man by 26 years old. So according to society I am now a very imaginative woman and that this lie is amusing but not appropriate.

Well, I have spoken to Prince George about many things with his parents right here, because of being who I was and am I prefer parents involved. And we talk about Cambridge cheeses. There was a nice cheese shop in Cambridge that I want to visit and I think Prince Geo has been taken there once by his parents, but I cannot confirm that unofficial visit. The cheese shops name is:

The Cambridge Cheese Shop, Cambridge UK

I told him I never had Stilton, and I finally found an import from Nottingham UK, and found it yummy. I talk to the young Prince about my Pirate days that I barely remember, and it is exciting for him, but I am finding sadness in the truth. I am cool, but I was a mean person to many people as an Irish Pirate, might have been mean to Prince George too.

That sadness is also in the fact that Prince Geo is growing, his mind is excellent and sharp. Sharper than mine. He knows that the population has grown 5.8 billion in 98 years since 1920, that he is the future leader of 7.7 billion people. His little mind doesn’t really think of the leadership he might do accept that he will be like his Father Prince William someday and his Grandfather Prince Charles. All know that they are the world leaders and people look up to them for their wisdom and opinion.

This saddens me that this might end my conversations with Prince Geo. I know what I am doing exploiting the association, but what can I do, I wrote about Silas Timberlake and I joking about his new Aunt Rose Biel. But it was more his own father and I joking around about it. Sometimes the sames have to happen to create good working associations or comfortable meetings.

I said sometimes, because not all the time do we all have to behave the same way, but currently it is important to Prince George to be the same as his Father Prince William, and I think that is a good thing.

This is an imaginative article, all lies because I live in Anchorage Alaska and the only way to form an association with my family member is through Telepathy. And it is a truth Telepathy is very real but society has created a truth “you lie to people about telepathy.”

YOU will be called mentally ill, and it harms you if you tell the truth. So I am harmed, and I want that harm on myself. I do not want this harm on Ashton Kutcher the founder of Thorn, Prince George, Prince Charles, Princess Catherine, Prince William and others that made the decision to lie.

My Pirate self does not respect the lie of Telepathy being not real! I am having issues. You don’t but I am going to speak with And Beyond Prince George about Cheese, Cambridge, School and who he is growing up to become his dad.


Men lean toward women??? Venus is awake ROME ITALY

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This is another picture of me. I am Venus, and my man is really Vulcan my wishing partner, you would never expect him and I to be speaking to you. Vulcan is very manly while I am still very womanly.

We are myth, legend and past, a past that had nothing to do with modern reproducers, modern women that just are walking uteruses behind the scenes but spout bullshit of being leaders. We work as a couple while other state women take the lead… I am the Wise Woman Venus and he is And Beyond Vulcan…

I am a Woman and want to always be a woman, I am seeing with the population a shift about to happen and I am not going to speak to women ever again. I want to speak with Vulcan and the men always. And that would be me a Wise Woman. It isn’t wisdom screaming that you have your uterus and that is powerful.

Yes the powerful created a world that doesn’t have great waste management, the powerful uterus is not thinking about the next generation, nor thinking about anything but consumption of waste that might not be removable in time for the next people to grow into adult hood.

So I am speaking with And Beyond, which is the men, what is going on with waste management, what is happening to the oceans, what is going on with mining and resources, what happened to all the trees that were there in 1990 flying into Seattle Washington, they are gone, now a desert not a lush forest. Yes the powerful uterus happened and no more trees, and a island the size of Texas is in the middle of the pacific ocean.

I saw the treeless desert with my own eyes flying into Seattle Washington, is that what using uteruses as powerful has happened? That is the truth, the new no tree areas, taken because someone wanted wooden floors.

Hail the queen of making babies me right? Hail Venus she told you to make babies so other women could rule this planet right. I never told men to reproduce without thought. That was not me.

To let women have power men wanted to make 5.8 billion new people, when women only had to be in power of 1.8 billion in 1920. Venus just fucking woke up, and she sees what men did, and it is a back stab because they stated we make babies right, and women don’t right?

Hail to the queen baby maker Venus me right?

My other half gets me, Vulcan. And he knows for a fact he’s not amused by the lack of sexual responsibility that men have had and decided to not have. He wants to blame ME too for the population explosion, and I am Venus the goddess of love.

Vulcan is with me, he speaks to me, today he said, write my name. I have Vulcan. I am writing your name Vulcan. I am Venus, and I need Vulcan. He needs me, but how since many women now are just walking uteruses, and not very educated to bring into the world 5.8 billion new people. Truth.

The world is hurting waking up me, VENUS Aphrodite, oh I am the same woman. And I want Vulcan my creator of tools to help me. I cannot create LOVE a feeling alone, and the feeling of love doesn’t place a Texas sized garbage island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

So blame me Vulcan’s WIFE, a wife that never had Rome or any other country marry me to Vulcan, I just had Jehovah create me for VULCAN, I am still his WIFE and partner, it is my fault the population exploded right? My fault men did not hold ejaculate in, and I want Vulcan to help fix the issue. He will with me and no one else.

Ashton Kutcher, I wrote your name, this is Amanda Moore at birth… and I hope to Jehovah… Rome is home.



Cycle of Violence within Politics

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Mrs. Bill Clinton gave me this idea and I wanted this so badly, I got this idea from thinking about her and watching her speak in the past. I got this idea from writing about them as a married couple. That the cycle of violence is on her and her husband, all they wanted to do was discuss laws and figure out what works in this country.

The crucifixion was about political speech. What do you think Jesus Christ was doing? He was walking around giving his political opinion without running for office. And he never had the vote for a Roman senator for his region of life. Nor did Jesus Christ have the ability to shape the laws of the land without giving his opinion openly. Which he did give his opinions to the point of a conviction with the death penalty.

The luxury about the Clinton’s is that they have the right to run for office, they have the right to their political opinion without the fear of violence against their bodies. That law is in  place to protect them, but the cycle of violent political speech continues even in this modern day.

Hillary Clinton could be crucified just for one bad political decision, that we put her in office to make. Her political future could die based on that. She risked her future and her families future to have that ability in the first place to make that bad decision. Prison can be a fate of an American politician, and it seems rare, right now, but it is the truth.

It was not extreme speech that places people in the cycle of violence in politics today, it is simply talking about preferences now from the preference of trees in a parking lot, to speaking of war to defend the country to protect resources of people and property, that political speech can lead to rocks in windows or threats to families. That is the cycle of violence.

The give give that was suggested is where political speech has to happen, but how when people want to force their own will and not hearing out how their will HURTS MANY!!!

Mrs. Clinton does not want many to be hurt, but she does want a give and take, you do this this reward happens, you do that the correctional facility is for you penalty. Budgets are the same way, you do this the money is there for you, you do that the correctional facility is there as a penalty. Give give is that simple, it takes away the threats of violence.

Mrs. Clinton is the best example for this blog post, because she has gone through so much politically, she is indeed like Jesus Christ. I will go over her record later, I am betting some already know what I can praise her for, just like Jesus Christ.



1 billion MEN

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I know this was tried to be mentioned yesterday, the world population of men that gave women the vote in the USA was 1 billion maybe a little less so I rounded up. The world population of women 1 billion again with a slight round up, 1920 men gave women the vote.

1 billion. 1 billion. 1 billion.

1 billion men in 1920 gave up male rule in the USA. That lead to global changes so rapid the population increase is 5 billion since then rounding up nearly 6 billion new people on the planet, this change from patriarchy to matriarchy is painfully noticeable.


Now how do I get the first woman president with noticeable population growth, and noticeable that males are no longer the leaders but the new souls will learn about how the globe was a male dominated planet with the human species?

The male rule of people happened and only a few female leaders happened and were allowed by the male dominated planet. So what do we do, hide this from the new men that are walking upright?

I don’t know, I just want a first female president and more leaders that are female in the congress and senate of the USA. This in turn becomes global, that women leaders lead side by side with the men.

But what happens when the new souls that are men learn that they led? What happens when they are dominate but have no power because of women taking leadership roles over the men. This has yet to happen. What about the idea that women have abused men in the past to reach political goals of having the patriarchy/matriarchy that we enjoy today.

Women birth babies, that is truth, and it takes time to raise those babies to adulthood, in the past a female single parent was taboo, not really seen but with the new souls female single parents rose exponentially. The males that are new did not want to stay with the newly created baby or woman. That is seen in statistics that I do not want to look up currently.

So what happens is not in me right now to write about, I will end this post here, thinking about where to go next, because when men realize the new men might want power… in 1920 a group of men I will call the 1 billion decided for the men not born before 1920  to not have power in the first place.

That means approximately 3 billion men born after 1920 are powerless. 3 billion vs 1 billion not statistics I like the think about.

Natural Consequences

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Consequences is something computer language people know better than average people. Yea, I know computer people are outside in the rain, like I was… oh you have to leave that office to work.

All joking aside if I do not write the code right, the program does not work, natural consequence to computer developers. 1920 men gave women the vote, the natural consequence right of a long campaign by many women. That is one way to look at it. The OTHER is what I see abuse of men.

Abuse of MEN. Abuse of Men. Abuse of Men.

The men were in charge 1919, 1920 they gave women the vote. Men were born 2 billion extra after that. 1940 2 billion, 1960 3.04 billion today 7.7 billion, the population explosion happened after World War II. 1 billion deaths are about to happen…then another billion to die, a full mature person being able to take a loan out is 18 years… or older, so that is concerning that the population drop is about to happen, for the UNSAVED!

Sorry my craziness… There is a well of souls that birth people from and god is making new souls, if you believe this, that is you. I’m Venus-Aphrodite, so rebirth is me. Oops no credibility now for me… so no credibility hits – I can say the rebirth rate will happen but it isn’t good for the current economy with 2 billion deaths coming up.

That means no with credibility I can state, people will be reborn, and it takes time for them to grow.







Best Life


Avatar Jim Cameron, art and story, art with very little clothing on for the native Pandora’s. Wise Woman and Beyond is that kind of art. 1920 men gave women the vote.

It was new. Like this, and then this weekend, Wise Women and Beyond was attacked by a few people. And those few people are in my head right? These real individuals hate getting rid of violence against women, and they hate Thorn a tool to get rid of child sexual abuse.

I did not know this existed, again all in my head right. I thought it was bad enough getting fired for saying, “Child molesters go to prison.”

Finding this was alarming to me, and yes I have to seek the court house someday soon to get restraining orders on people who don’t care if a child is kidnapped and raped, these people are going to create a struggle for me, they will be in the MEDIA, and this is Media for them. There will be the “I disagree, if a woman wears a specific clothing and danced like you, she deserved to be raped.” It is all in my head right, and I was date raped in 1993, all because I liked getting rides to a club called Celebrities.

I would’ve thought there would be support to help law enforcement to stop child sexual abuse, like what I wanted to do, and I am still going to do, two days not writing is not a struggle. I still am here, and I did want to shut down, I wanted to shut down because the media with those people isn’t worth losing my head.

Get it my head and shoulders and face for 36 plus hours were shaking violently, this has happened for over a year. And I want it stopped without cocaine, codeine, opiates, and the man said you take those illegal drugs to stop the rape of your shoulders and head and face. I went wtf, he said he would shake me if I continued to write. This violence happened but it is all in my head right?

I can tell you the physical pain of the violent shaking of my shoulders and face is real, that is reality, and it was not happening until this weekend. I know miracle right, before it was not so bad, tell the idiot anchorage police department will be called in reality if I ever see him again. And that is reality. NOT in my head.

I never asked for the group in my head right to force their own disease on me, I hate abuse, violence against them has never happened, and I hate child sexual abuse to the point of finding Thorn, due to my wishing partner craziness, Ashton Kutcher founded.

This is an in the body article, and I hope people understand the individuals that shook my head and body are real people, that have claimed they will deny everything, and back at you… get it,  my head and shoulders and face hurt, and they don’t care about the physical beatings that I take, I refuse to cooperate and take the drugs.



Baby boomers happened post 1920


The swing is the pendulum of politics and women are on it. The pendulum is between reactionary politics and radical politics.

I said this, and written this, men threw the vote at women, and then after World War II, women had voting, women had jobs they let go of, what came next for the men… BABIES. WHAT???

We got the vote during World War I and I have got to look up the exact dates of World War I, I was wrong we got the vote after World War I, it took two years from the date.

Babies are nice, the population exploded to the world we live in today, and both men/women decided on the amount of new people that made the population. I am not a baby boomer, and will never understand their ideas. Ear whispering campaign of Gloria Steinem, the burning of bras, to the sexual revolution, lets face it every generation discovers sex. So be mean to the baby boomers?

“We made progress woman.”

That is the warning men are not into what I want to accomplish currently.

And how do I get through to the men that this isn’t over with just handing women the civil human right to vote.

Is the result of the baby boomer men, not the women. So the baby boom is the result of the end of World War II. But is it the result of women getting the vote in 1920.

1920 is a men’s anniversary. MEN HAVE AN ANNIVERSARY!!! And it isn’t his wedding anniversary. This woman is starting to remind him it is coming up again. Like other wives have in the past. I am not married to all these men in the USA!!! Nope. ONE MAN OR WOMAN FOR ME PLEASE IN A MARRIAGE, and if it is a polyamory none of your business.