Cycle of Violence within Politics

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Mrs. Bill Clinton gave me this idea and I wanted this so badly, I got this idea from thinking about her and watching her speak in the past. I got this idea from writing about them as a married couple. That the cycle of violence is on her and her husband, all they wanted to do was discuss laws and figure out what works in this country.

The crucifixion was about political speech. What do you think Jesus Christ was doing? He was walking around giving his political opinion without running for office. And he never had the vote for a Roman senator for his region of life. Nor did Jesus Christ have the ability to shape the laws of the land without giving his opinion openly. Which he did give his opinions to the point of a conviction with the death penalty.

The luxury about the Clinton’s is that they have the right to run for office, they have the right to their political opinion without the fear of violence against their bodies. That law is in  place to protect them, but the cycle of violent political speech continues even in this modern day.

Hillary Clinton could be crucified just for one bad political decision, that we put her in office to make. Her political future could die based on that. She risked her future and her families future to have that ability in the first place to make that bad decision. Prison can be a fate of an American politician, and it seems rare, right now, but it is the truth.

It was not extreme speech that places people in the cycle of violence in politics today, it is simply talking about preferences now from the preference of trees in a parking lot, to speaking of war to defend the country to protect resources of people and property, that political speech can lead to rocks in windows or threats to families. That is the cycle of violence.

The give give that was suggested is where political speech has to happen, but how when people want to force their own will and not hearing out how their will HURTS MANY!!!

Mrs. Clinton does not want many to be hurt, but she does want a give and take, you do this this reward happens, you do that the correctional facility is for you penalty. Budgets are the same way, you do this the money is there for you, you do that the correctional facility is there as a penalty. Give give is that simple, it takes away the threats of violence.

Mrs. Clinton is the best example for this blog post, because she has gone through so much politically, she is indeed like Jesus Christ. I will go over her record later, I am betting some already know what I can praise her for, just like Jesus Christ.



My own Hypocrisy 9/11


This sad day happened and for me I was here in Anchorage, Alaska, on Lake Otis, well a little off that road near Dimond BLVD, and I was getting a phone call. “Amanda, have you seen what is happening?” I turned on TV and there it was a burning tower. I was unsaved then, since my save date for taking Jesus inside is 9/22/2011.

I was no where near my fathers home, on Muldoon Rd, off of the military base. I was no where near my family in New York State, and I did talk to my dad later about where they were, no where near luckily. Like everybody else I watched the towers fall to the ground with footage going over and over and over and over of the planes, two, hitting the towers.

My reaction over the past couple of decades, well, it really isn’t a couple of decades, nearly, has been what I am, and this Mutt will take time to explain where I come from.

Terrorism is an act of creating fear. I refused to be fearful while I watched this nation grieve. I complained and partied. And nobody was complaining and partying, maybe privately. I did so on line many times, and yes even today I want a 9/11 music mix to sing to and say the dead in those towers deserve smiles and memories that are good created today. The people in the PLANES deserve nothing from me. ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!!

I mean the pilots not the passengers.

Something kicks in from my Irish/Native American grandfather side of my family, and that side had married my grandmother the Russian/polish woman which I do not think has if you grieve you party like the Irish. On my mom’s side what I do is highly inappropriate but she was English/native mix her mother and her father would’ve been shamed with his French/Mediterranean (African northern). Muslims are photo’d grieving, and my grandfather was catholic, so not Muslim, but he had traditions that were clearly that region of the world.

My Irish/native American hard working grandfather (dad’s Side) did party, a lot and laughed and was one of those men you go good man, he just partied a lot with his family. He might have told me what I did was inappropriate like many other people have. I still want to celebrate the victims lives. NOT BE FEARFUL BECAUSE…it might happen again.

Some movies were told to be made too soon, this person might have publically agreed which is my hypocrisy. I am a hypocrite, on one hand I did my thing to honor the victims of the pilots, while Hollywood did the same thing, I’m the same as the action stars but I was a hypocrite, them too.

I hope to stop my hypocrisy and start enjoying 9/11 tribute movies. I haven’t yet, and I want to add them to my party today, I do inappropriately but very IRISH OF ME.