Cycle of Violence within Politics

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Mrs. Bill Clinton gave me this idea and I wanted this so badly, I got this idea from thinking about her and watching her speak in the past. I got this idea from writing about them as a married couple. That the cycle of violence is on her and her husband, all they wanted to do was discuss laws and figure out what works in this country.

The crucifixion was about political speech. What do you think Jesus Christ was doing? He was walking around giving his political opinion without running for office. And he never had the vote for a Roman senator for his region of life. Nor did Jesus Christ have the ability to shape the laws of the land without giving his opinion openly. Which he did give his opinions to the point of a conviction with the death penalty.

The luxury about the Clinton’s is that they have the right to run for office, they have the right to their political opinion without the fear of violence against their bodies. That law is in  place to protect them, but the cycle of violent political speech continues even in this modern day.

Hillary Clinton could be crucified just for one bad political decision, that we put her in office to make. Her political future could die based on that. She risked her future and her families future to have that ability in the first place to make that bad decision. Prison can be a fate of an American politician, and it seems rare, right now, but it is the truth.

It was not extreme speech that places people in the cycle of violence in politics today, it is simply talking about preferences now from the preference of trees in a parking lot, to speaking of war to defend the country to protect resources of people and property, that political speech can lead to rocks in windows or threats to families. That is the cycle of violence.

The give give that was suggested is where political speech has to happen, but how when people want to force their own will and not hearing out how their will HURTS MANY!!!

Mrs. Clinton does not want many to be hurt, but she does want a give and take, you do this this reward happens, you do that the correctional facility is for you penalty. Budgets are the same way, you do this the money is there for you, you do that the correctional facility is there as a penalty. Give give is that simple, it takes away the threats of violence.

Mrs. Clinton is the best example for this blog post, because she has gone through so much politically, she is indeed like Jesus Christ. I will go over her record later, I am betting some already know what I can praise her for, just like Jesus Christ.





The build up is right there, the honeymoon since 1920 is over, 1920 was when men gave the constitutional human right to vote to women… when is the next explosion. I can predict men will explode and a fury of backlash abuse is about to begin. I and other women have mentioned our goals, and might be perceived as abusive.

Men do not want to be perceived as stopping progress, or seen as the abuser. They are not abusing these gentle giants of men. I am seeing this. I really am, and I am hearing from the media outlets what men are saying… how to stop this and gain the goals as partners?

The next explosion is the next woman president but do women have to be abusive to get that goal reached? I do not think we do, because we have worked together the sexes for millennium.

How does the vote happen for a woman president without the explosion, and I am not the national global parent here for the men, I am not putting men in time out for correction and I am especially not spanking all of the men (I only will spank one grown up man), I am just a woman with the same goals as other women, knowing I speak my goals, get listened too, and then hear “We have made progress woman.” In a gentle but annoyed tone.

The glass ceiling is right there, and it is covered in slim of abusing men. I cannot stand by and let that happen, I want the glass cleaned up, not dark black slim on a dirty carpet, I want that glass to be see thru and the oval office right there, taken because of capabilities not taken and broken into because I slapped men in the face calling them ugly idiots. Doesn’t it seem idiotic that you are not voting for the woman because she has abused you? Doesn’t it seem idiotic to not support the abuser? Who the fuck supports a fucking abuser anyway? I don’t, and I do not expect men to support women that abuse them into stuff, including sexual stuff, the men never wanted to do in the first place.

So how do I stop the abuse on men and get them to see capabilities. Even if the person capable is a woman. Right now I am seeing that men have been abused into doing stuff for women, instead of convinced they are learned, capable, gentle, lovers, and… fill in the blank if you know what men really are…

More to come and explore… wise women and beyond… no more abuse. No more abuse. No more abusing the men.


We are Human


Waking this morning was fun, because I wanted to write about natural consequences and then thought about polyamory. Yes, polyamory, which is a loving closed relationship, for adults in the end it raises healthy loving children.

We are going into talk divorce and monogamous communication, I don’t want to talk about monogamous communication, some people find that sensitive like I do. But you cannot get around the FAILURE in monogamous communication that leads to divorces.

This sensitivity to monogamous communication might be my BDSM. Bondage Dominance Sadomasochism is a form of monogamous communication and sexual communication. And it is my preference, but I am a failure at communication in monogamy, so I should talk. Right?

We are human, and monogamous communication is our advertising and media and movie industry and television industry and everyday life. This is pushed on people with out BDSM because BDSM is thought of as a perversion. Yes, safe words that a submissive demands is a perversion. And I need to demand safe words in my life, not just in the bedroom. I think all of us do.

Submissive person is a person who needs safe words, so they have control over a situation.

Dominate person is a person who is the best communicator with listening comprehension.

When a submissive gives the safe word, at any moment during whatever is going on, the dominate hears and stops whatever is happening at that moment to listen. People think that being a submissive is being a slave, that is not truth, that is FETISH SHIT. A submissive is in control of their environment, the dominant is not. The dominant is not a slave to the submissive, again fetish stuff comes to mind.

That is monogamous communication in a controlled sexual manor, but it is found more in polyamory than in monogamy’s because of the judgment that BDSM is a perversion. Some people think, and I am guessing, that BDSM is thought of as an abusive relationship. It is not. It is communicative.

Monogamy can be abusive relationships. That leads to some divorces. And it is in the communication where the abuse lies. If monogamies were the best communicative relationships, why do we need places like Thorn to catch child sexual abusers? Thorn was founded by the action star Ashton Kutcher, not certain how mentioning the founder helps law enforcement see that Thorn is a tool to help them, and I am going after the electorate to form good non-abusive communication to help stop all abuses, but admitting I am human about that as well.

With 40 To 50 percent of marriages failing, there creates at risk children. Here is where Polyamory might stop at risk children, and open up better communication for adults. Monogamy has an issue, the divorce happens, then remarriage maybe of both people, the child from the first now has two step-parents. Those step-parents know the birth parents both of them, well that is the beginning of polyamory. I know the first marriage failed due to bad sexual communication, but the new marriages work, what if just admitting the couple is polyamorous before the divorce happens?

The couple sits down explaining to one another something is missing, well guess what was missing the new marriage person, that individual is loved by one of the members in the original couple. It doesn’t mean those people are in an open swinging relationship, it was just that someone was missing another adult. NOT another child, but the possibility of one is still there.

When  you know, and it took me time to get to this place, another adult is needed in your relationship, it is rough. I had this issue, and it was something I did bring up in my own marriage, my ex-husband was not receptive to my communication. That is why I should speak, my ex-husband did have an affair, I liked the woman a Peruvian woman he had the affair with I even made her soup when she was sick but… society did get in the way of this and I know that. It did start the end of my marriage, and I did get him into “marriage counseling”. Yes, I was an acquaintance of the woman my ex-husband had a relationship with.

I do not know her any longer and when the affair happened, I was confused going he’s excited about another woman, how do I handle this, and I handled it poorly. But I did not handle it poorly, I treated her with dignity, not really calling her or my ex-husband names, or doing anything stupidly jealous, and that is why I know I might be polyamorous. When I was told and shown pictures of the affair, I just asked, “what do you expect me to do?”

My ex-husband and I as I wrote have communication problems that are not solvable. I know this, so I should not really speak on that any longer, I am in a different place than he is.

A polyamorous person invites the woman into her home and makes soup when the woman is ill.

Society would state that I am a pervert, just by mention good communication skills. BDSM is good communication skills, and polyamorous is the same. But mentioning good communication and something that might help children becomes taboo.

In a polyamory that I was introduced too after the affair, the men take turns caring for the children, no nanny required because that is their family. There are more adults around, not hired help, that care for the children in that polyamory, and I am interested in that kind of communication in the future.

To get to a point where voters are communicating better, with candidates, we have to look at all forms of family and communication. I am walking down a road least traveled, I hope to find men and women open to comprehending where I am coming from and then they lead with their votes to people that want abuses stopped and offenders incarcerated.