Cycle of Violence within Politics

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Mrs. Bill Clinton gave me this idea and I wanted this so badly, I got this idea from thinking about her and watching her speak in the past. I got this idea from writing about them as a married couple. That the cycle of violence is on her and her husband, all they wanted to do was discuss laws and figure out what works in this country.

The crucifixion was about political speech. What do you think Jesus Christ was doing? He was walking around giving his political opinion without running for office. And he never had the vote for a Roman senator for his region of life. Nor did Jesus Christ have the ability to shape the laws of the land without giving his opinion openly. Which he did give his opinions to the point of a conviction with the death penalty.

The luxury about the Clinton’s is that they have the right to run for office, they have the right to their political opinion without the fear of violence against their bodies. That law is in  place to protect them, but the cycle of violent political speech continues even in this modern day.

Hillary Clinton could be crucified just for one bad political decision, that we put her in office to make. Her political future could die based on that. She risked her future and her families future to have that ability in the first place to make that bad decision. Prison can be a fate of an American politician, and it seems rare, right now, but it is the truth.

It was not extreme speech that places people in the cycle of violence in politics today, it is simply talking about preferences now from the preference of trees in a parking lot, to speaking of war to defend the country to protect resources of people and property, that political speech can lead to rocks in windows or threats to families. That is the cycle of violence.

The give give that was suggested is where political speech has to happen, but how when people want to force their own will and not hearing out how their will HURTS MANY!!!

Mrs. Clinton does not want many to be hurt, but she does want a give and take, you do this this reward happens, you do that the correctional facility is for you penalty. Budgets are the same way, you do this the money is there for you, you do that the correctional facility is there as a penalty. Give give is that simple, it takes away the threats of violence.

Mrs. Clinton is the best example for this blog post, because she has gone through so much politically, she is indeed like Jesus Christ. I will go over her record later, I am betting some already know what I can praise her for, just like Jesus Christ.



Naked and not wanting his opinion


Do I want men to have power over me?

Seems like a normal women’s rights question, and then you find yourself somewhere kidnapped and sex trafficked because you decided to not make or put forward the power of your man’s words.

Do I want to have man’s opinion have power on me?

Advertisers are men. Men run the Congress and Sentate with 19.4% women elected. Men voted for women to have the vote, because men were in power at the time. Men are the most powerful in the fashion industry for centuries maybe millennium. Men have the power over our bodies sometimes by opinion on how we look to them. We let that opinion have power.

So men have power is established. That means I am going down a stupid road. I’m stupid right, like many women’s rights advocates in the past accept 1920. (1920 August  20 the 19th amendment for vote est.)

Why did women go stupid?

Not every women is sex trafficked. But the lack of listening to a man’s opinion has lost elections for women. I don’t like that.

My nudity on line I have used before and it is stripping time. That is Wise Women and Beyond, naked women in the wilderness not protecting themselves from the elements and wanting just that truth. We are naked. What do we do now, just act like the animal we are, or acknowledge that we want the lies that we are not naked under our thoughts?

Man has power because of his naked body. First he does have more muscles in his abdomen area. That power is used as his opinion. His thoughts are how strong is his abdomen. Then he shows power on how many women he has used his abdomen on. Second his power is in his shoulder area because of his more built abdomen. Men are not like women where our power is in our legs, but our legs are not built for sprinting speed, our power in our legs is to hold balance. These power areas go into the man’s mind. Not that it goes to his head to use his body forcefully, and we do have laws to stop men from using their bodies forcefully on women. Women just do not have the physical body to seem powerful to a man.

Women’s bodies being built differently does not mean we are lacking in the same mind power but a woman needs to find where her power lies. Again the word lies, am I really about to lie about the strength in a woman’s pelvic bone area down to her legs to her feet?

I do not want the lie, but I might find it, again being naked online trying to find the right words to move both men and women to be partners at the voting booth and in business.

What if what I just found is the truth but we tell people, no your lying? The truth about women is our bodies change and extra weight is something that never changes, a baby puts stress on bone below the chest area. I know using what we are as the power for use to assert on men… no I’m lying. Where is the truth?

I do not want a man’s opinion, just give me the votes, I am like you. I have the power, just not centered in my abdomen. Just like a man I want to draw from that power and have my opinion and leadership. Yea right, most of the politicians are still men, most of the advertisers men, most of the world wants power from abs and shoulders, not hips and legs.







Twitter social media And political Distraction for Children’s and Women’s rights: FBI come out for me…

maxresdefaultI do use social media and twitter, is there a distraction there about children’s rights and women’s rights?

I do not know so I am going to write down ideas and see if I agree with the above question.

I have been an author, and I use sexual stuff in my writing, in my mind people have the right to state, I am not reading what you write, I have written adult content even here on this new blog. People still have the right not to read me. But on twitter, is there human rights violations happening before your eyes. That might be happening. Or other social networking places.

Ashton Kutcher do not pretend to be children’s programing. I’m the same.

I am not dabbling like Ashton has in children’s content.

Ashton Kutcher has Open Season, that might lead to children coming over to his twitter account. And do parents want children to know about sex trafficking? Has Ashton Kutcher violated human rights of children by trying to push forward the human right to not be kidnapped and sexualized?

What is my right as a content creator about children’s rights? I cannot pussy foot around this issue because it is woman’s rights.

Why can’t twitter be like Netflix, it is so simple, a place for kids, where an adult account like mine has no place of being or going. Yes I can go over to read Netflix for kids. But maybe I don’t wanna read kids on twitter. I don’t even look but a child pornographer might.

What I did see on Justin Timberlake’s twitter account feed is parents innocently having children dance to his CHILDREN”S CONTENT, Can’t Stop the Feeling from Trolls, but then I saw a stripper… I don’t know, I write adult stuff, I don’t really want to censor myself for a parent… FBI come and get me, bad old Amanda doing her same old politics…

Justin Timberlake is an adult star with both adult and children’s content. What I would love to see is a split on his account, go here for kids content, go here for the adult content, separating out the videos where kids are dancing and the strippers.

Jimmy Fallon, another example, and the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is an adult artist. Ewww is not for children, but he is in open space Twitter. Do you think he’s on late night for your children to view his show? But Twitter is during the day.

SNL, I could go on and on about adult content.

I don’t know how many people view a Twitter stream and then try to show their child something, oops I lost that scroll, the child is watching, ignore that woman’s selfie she showed cleavage… on SNL’s twitter feed.

I am an adult content generator. I know all I really want is adults attention. I know for money to sustain lifestyles some entertainers/action stars do children’s media. Why can’t social media have areas safe for children?

NOW FBI and international investigators, I live in Anchorage, ALASKA currently and I am not paranoid… Can’t be I was on the NO FLY LIST. I break laws about internet daily about content… I write adult content and a child might have been exposed. I cannot stop that, right? This is total BS right, oh California once again I am not placing a shield on this web-site saying this isn’t for children… Law smashed to bits…