13 Love of writing

I love writing,

So does god.

It is a way of his speaking to us.

And my way of interpreting his ideas.

One the woman that was pissing prostitute,

Is here,

She wants Jesus in peoples hearts,

And sacrifices herself in many projects to save those,

That might need her way of saving people.

The Poem Lover,

Feels caring for her,

And he wants the same,

As do I,

All of us know vampire,

Might not be popular,

But it might reach a heart,

That Jesus reaches.

And that matters.

So I have no new name yet for a woman.

That wants to save those that might listen to her.

In her projects  she hopes to save,

But doesn’t know her reach.

Even this unsaved watched one of her projects,

And didn’t listen.

To the message until years later.

You didn’t save me,

That miracle was a night miracle,

Only Jesus reached me,

But maybe you reached someone else.

Here’s hoping that is the truth.

But remember all I write is fiction.

Or lies.


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