16 Ascending to Heaven

I was told,

When I was out of body,

And God is love,

That we would lose one thing,

We loved the most.

That was five years ago.

And truth,

During this time,

Everybody has lost one thing,

They love the most.

God spoke truth.

The virus closed what you loved,

To keep you safe.

God did this for you.

And tells you to believe.

Like he did me,

A person who ascended to heaven,


15 Secrets will be kept

Vampire secrets will be kept,

I’m a mental patient,

So stuff I think is real,

Are true fantasies.

Vampires are not real.

There is no magic in taking Jesus in your heart.

That is what my therapist would tell me.

My past has abuses in it.

There is the story right,

A woman abused,

First by her mother,

Then by others looking for the victim,

Ending in head abuses happening due to brain damage.

Medications that put me to sleep are routine.

So vampires are not real.

Vlad the Impaler,

Impaled victims,

He was no real vampire.

14 Toilet Flooded again

This morning the toilet flooded again,


What a way to wake up.

The plumber me fixed it,

But man not a way I wanted to start my day.

Vampires dealing with flooded toilet.

Ritual blood drinkers right,

Take Jesus blood in your mouth,

You get eternal life.

What you get is magic.

It isn’t magic a clogged toilet.

Nope just a clog with over flow,

But isn’t poetry overflow of words,

Stories that seem to be nonsense and lies,

Harbor truth.

So a clogged toilet to start the day.

With a poem with Jesus inside of it.

13 Love of writing

I love writing,

So does god.

It is a way of his speaking to us.

And my way of interpreting his ideas.

One the woman that was pissing prostitute,

Is here,

She wants Jesus in peoples hearts,

And sacrifices herself in many projects to save those,

That might need her way of saving people.

The Poem Lover,

Feels caring for her,

And he wants the same,

As do I,

All of us know vampire,

Might not be popular,

But it might reach a heart,

That Jesus reaches.

And that matters.

So I have no new name yet for a woman.

That wants to save those that might listen to her.

In her projects  she hopes to save,

But doesn’t know her reach.

Even this unsaved watched one of her projects,

And didn’t listen.

To the message until years later.

You didn’t save me,

That miracle was a night miracle,

Only Jesus reached me,

But maybe you reached someone else.

Here’s hoping that is the truth.

But remember all I write is fiction.

Or lies.


12 I’m a mental patient

They say write if you are in counseling,


Know fact.


Writing is an issue for me.

Writing the truth.

When I want to lie.

It is a total lie,


And taking Jesus inside creates Miracles.

So I’m a mental patient.

Taking Jesus inside is a concept,

Nothing happens,

Like hearing voices,

Or taking calls without a phone number.

So when I need,

I see a therapist,

My own choice,

Because I Poem Fish love health,

Not unhealthy thinking.


11 We are not Friends Music will be included! Gods abrupt command

None who worked on Poem Lover,

Are friends.

The goals though,


Save people.


Might save people.

Christ is here.

In these poems.




That was in Poem Lover too.

But those working on these,

Including the female that wasn’t me.

Are not friends.

Not at all.

Just people thrown together to tell,

And iconic.

Epic tale.

Of lies magic.

Music with truth.

God just interrupted wanting music truth in here.

So that will be included,

The music he created with artists.

How did god interrupt you ask.

He with one click of my keystroke,

Place music vibe graphic on my screne.

So music of vampires will be included.

Oops god did it again.


10 Fiction Three


The telling of lies with truth in it.

Something I never understood,

Until Jesus was inside.

And now I find the truth here,

Vampires are Christians.

Mean ones some of them.

Some are good.

When I was dead it never occurred to me.

That a vampire was within Christ.

So here I am writing about a fiction,

Horror character,

That has truth in it.

So the two that were here before in poem lover,

Is here now,

New names needed,


Both and me are very busy,

Cannot do what was done before.

To save people is to not scare them.

They have to know happy hope and love,

Not the depth of evil men can do in the body once saved.

So how do us busy people move to the future.

There was always three of us.

Poem fish me,


Poem Lover my soul,


And the other Poem lover is with,


Always three to tell this long story.


All three very busy,

Poem lover with projects and family,

The female with projects and family.

And me with this new large project and family.


9 Vampire is not horror

For this poetry collection,

Vampire will not be a horror.

It is growth,

And happiness.

Growth in the body of Christ.

No in the body bullshit needed.

Or wanted.

Vampires are horror for the movies and book purposes.

To scare people into doing the right thing.

When these poems are for growth.

Does a vampire grow in horror books.

Some might,

Some stay the same,

Blood drinking is Christian,

You drink the blood of Christ,

Per the last supper.

And that is a vampire thing to do.

Drinking blood.

So to move in the right direction,

Is to have perspective.

No monsters here to look for,

Just growth of the Poem Fish.

8 You Soulmated

I wrote this the other day,

And Vampire was just an Idea,

Now reality.

Vampire killed the pissing media prostitute.

She’s dead,

But this poem.

Has her in it,

And she will live.

Under another name I hope.

You  Soul Mated.

Or you soulmated.

I am not you,

I couldn’t be you

Damn you I lost myself in you.

I know I’m an individual,

You are too.

But for one second.

Maybe two,

I am you.

I married her?

No you did.

But two became one,

(this is not in the poem but we think alike happened and I got frustrated with Poem Lover I wanted my own thoughts)

And she became important!!!!

I am not you,

You mated not me,

But our soul became one,

What you care for I do too.

You soul mated,

Not me!

But two you and I are one,

I lost me again my fear became real.

7 Everything is time traveled into place

Bus schedule,

Airline schedule,

School schedule,

Everything happens in that second.

School is on,

While a plane flies over head.

You are locked into place.

Then zoom into the future,

Called imagination,

Or into the past,

Called recalling school,

Or go to the library and research.

This poem was written,

or will be written.

A vampire looms at night,

Doing what a vampire does,

While you put your children to sleep.

Everything was time traveled into place.

No stopping that fate.