Count down to December 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM

Halloween is approaching, after that holiday, there is one month left until the Durrell Challenge for Icecream and Pizza. Exciting stuff to look forward too.

Before the race there is a shorter race in November to raise money for a new Gorilla home. Register for that too.

I have a new computer, it is slow getting back into routine of writing, bare with me as the new change is happening in real time here in Anchorage Alaska, new job, new laptop, and hopefully getting better health wise. I will never be what people call normal health mentally or physically ever again, but at least I found Durrell Conservation Group, and Thorn to focus and find happy healthy stuff to write about.

So countdown start November 5th, and then we get ready for the spring race, Durrell Challenge.

Support Thorn, donate to them, they save children. Donate to Durrell Conservation Group, they save the planet. Saving the planet save children.

Need new computer before 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM ManaNalu recycled canned water Jason Momoa

Informing readers I am getting a new computer before the race.

My new job Durrell Conservation Group Thorn

I have a new job, and it affected posting due to the hours I work. I am up 4:05am Alaska Time today to get to my job.

Posting after work has yet to happen because I nap. Things should get better as I get used to my new schedule, and back to normal posting.