Invictus 2020 train 12.5.2019 Henry’s Pizza and Icecream 13k Run Jersey Zoo Jason Momoa Nala Canned water Thorn Ashton Kutcher


Winners! 📯📯📯📯📯


12.5.2019 Jason Momoa Nala Water Henry Cavill`s Pizza AND Icecream Challenge Thorn Murder Trail Ashton Kutcher Paris Hilton



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The trial of the not famous, I hope, serial murder of Mr. Kutcher’s aquaintence affects WWAB (a war that does not exist). The permissions I spoke about are not there and I am moving forward on all the issues.

Mr. Cavill never spoke with me when I found Jersey Zoo, but the 12.5.2019 13k race is fun, promoting it is the best for Jersey Zoo and Thorn.

Agents plan stress free shit for the entertainers, I fuck with them. I know I do and some have been stressed by me.


Using Ms. Hilton might have stressed her out. I did not know if it did.

Cycle of violence isn’t this blog, but it will illustrate it, taking from entertainers photos and their projects.


Jobs media Computer age Thorn Ashton Kutcher Paris Hilton Henry Cavill’s icecream and pizza challenge Nala Canned Water Jason Momoa


Zero permissions for this article. None from Paris Hilton. NONE FROM ASHTON KUTCHER OR… FILL IN THE BLANKS.

No plan FOR this is happening.

Jason Momoa was seen on a clip talking about renewable cans are better than bp whatever plastic recycling, im am the worst enviromentalist alive I mentioned that. ELLEN SHOW! BTW GOOD IDEA!😎

Jersy Zoo needs the media, who knew about that wonderful idea, me in Alaska?

Time has gone by and importance of the issues have not ended. Continuing is what I am doing, please get interested.


Henry Cavill Paris Hilton Tinkerbell 12.5.2019 Henry’s Pizza and Icecream Challenge 13k run Thorn Ashton Kutcher


My emergency is over and I am using my team to manage me, the body is busted and the mind suffered. My team is like Durrell Conservation group, they are saving people me included to save the planet.

Paris Hilton never knew or gave me permission to use her in the last challenge publically. Admitting that a new run came to my attention, and here I am again not getting her publicists permission. That needs to be written about with Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher.

I have to scoot long term writing…

Results Jersey Zoo May 12, 2019 Durrell Challenge Henry Cavill Ashton Kutcher Thorn Winner Sam Maher Alaska Red Lantern goes to Katja Stenzel


Durrell Challenge 2019 for people out of country is viewed by the internet, I’m new at multiple pictures, this is my first post, I want to be the best!

The first group of photos is membership information and the finish line itself! The challenge begins with knowledge and being a member gives opportunities to win with new knowledge and old.

The second group of photos is hours and admission if you do not want a membership right away, just plan admission and visit.

The last group of photos is the race course around and thru the island. The winner is pictured of the Durrell Challenge May 12, 2019 his name is Sam Maher.


Mr. Maher participated this year, 2019, with 567 other participants, 77 more participants than 2018 with 490 participants running the difficult 13k race last year.

This year I did not read a Red Lantern award, this tradition might not be Jersey Zoo, but it is Alaska’s Iditarod, the Red lantern award is for the very last sled dog race team that crosses the finish line in Nome Alaska, for Alaskans we celebrate that because the difficult cold race over 938 miles can kill a sled dog team with musher.

The dogs that are sled dogs are a different breed than Kal Henry Cavill’s American Akita, but if you never saw a sled dog Kal is an example of one breed that is not used for mushing but could be.

I know a foot race like the Durrell Challenge is not deadly and it is much warmer in Jersey Zoo United Kingdom at an average of 59 degrees today farienhight today. JERSEY ZOO IS IN TRINITY.

So the Red Lantern Award for the foot race goes too:

Katja Stenzel the last runner.

The next race is the Durrell Challenge 13k 12/05/2019, Henry Cavill Icecream and Pizza. This event will be counted down closer to the date of the race.

Thank you to Ashton Kutcher founder of Thorn for allowing me to place you in the headline, I want the race, I also want awareness about your organization that saves women and children from a major crime that is all around the globe.

Save the planet saves the children.