Fear of being raped Thorn Ashton Kutcher Durrell Conservation group Henry Cavillp



Called not certain on first meeting thorn Ashton Kutcher Durrell Conservation Henry Cavill


The number is for Alaskans, and the meetings are there in the picture. I hope positive information is exchanged.

Durrell Conservation Group needs donations like the cancer society. HENRY CAVILL STAR OF THE WITCHER NETFLIX Helps that cause.

THORN founded by Ashton Kutcher and those that care also needs donations, this isnt bullshit, but my writing this week is… this is no fuck yea moment, who the fuck goes cancer great advertising to stop this shit called child sexual abuse.

Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Ashton Kutcher Henry Cavill


Fund raising, please donate to Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher and others that care, to stop sexual abuse on children.

Durrell Conservation Group is a good place to donate as well. Henry Cavill is the current ambassador.

Both actors picked small places, but they both are huge stars. These small charities save the entire world.

My health being poor currently will get better. But my focus is on donations currently.

Durrell Conservation Group Thorn Ashton Kutcher Henry Cavill Harrison Ford


Durrell Conservation Group is global, and Henry Cavill star of the future Witcher on Netflix is the Ambassador for. This group has program to save habitat and animals. THEY NEED DONATIONS PLEASE DONATE FOR THEM TO CONTINUE THE WORK.

Thorn is an organization that saves children and women from sex trafficking and child sexual abuse founded by Ashton Kutcher current star of Netflix The Ranch. This organization has save 3000 more children since I started blogging, it was founded in 2009, to stop men from buying little girls. AND THAT DID HAPPEN MEN STOPPED, SOME MEN DID NOT SO THORN NEEDS MORE DONATIONS.

I am working on my tablet, and have learned i need to become a photographer, i am excited about that prospect. So wwab lives!!!!

Thorn Durrell Conservation Group Ashton Kutcher Henry Cavill cyst


I cannot make this look better, but animals and children have the same issue when abused.

Durrell Conservation Group gets medicines to hurt animals. Henry Cavill star of Netflix Witcher champions that cause with events coming up to get donations.

Thorn gets after care to sexual abuse victims, Ashton Kutcher star of Netflix The Ranch needs more donations to get that care to the victims.

I have a yellow skin area now, the bruise is gone and the brand new lump is there to the touch, I have to save myself to save the children.



Medical, holding hands during sexual assault evaluations, Dawn dishsoap on ducks after an oil spill, clean up when 20,000 birds are on the beach dead, poaching stopped so people can visit Africa and actually see a Rhino.

Durrell conservation group with the Jersey zoo needed noticing so Henry Cavill a resident of that British island took notice, he’s the star of the Witcher netflix. That conservation group helps all animals and animal rights issues, like Dawn on ducks.

Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher star of the Ranch Netflix, and those that care needed to have people hired with referrals to other support organizations, so there is handholding after a sex trafficker is arrested and the child/woman rescued.

Please donate to both, right now.

I am fatigued today, not anybody’s fault a medical issue started Feb 1st for me.

That does not mean this place gets neglected… so donate and the story continues.