Steven Spielberg is Poseidon: Ο Στίβεν Σπίλμπεργκ είναι ο Ποσειδώνας


Blue hair, Mr. Spielberg get used to the idea of blue hair, I already being Venus Aphrodite have the shock of teal hair this life time. I was trying to dye my hair grey and got teal.

He looks like you Mr. Spielberg, Poseidon. The image is you. Maybe with DreamWorks and your love of water photography you are Poseidon, like I am Aphrodite Venus. maybe Jim Cameron is Poseidon.

Teal hair dye was fun for me, I looked and saw the blue and went that is not gray. So I was looking at pictures today to place in this article and laughed that drawing looks like a young Steven Spielberg.

Cartoons are DreamWorks and I might not agree with some of the premises of the cartoons, but cartoons are for children and here is where I can come in with this Thorn founded by Ashton Kutcher, is to make children and women safe from child sexual abuse.

DreamWorks is also live action, I’ll talk about that later. Steven Spielberg in the past had media about children, according to a call he is for Thorn. I agreed that DreamWorks is on my throat, he said it is time for you Amanda to admit we are the same, he started Poseidon, and I Aphrodite created. He agrees together we save children not apart.

I took the fake call, and I want to apologize the Steven Spielberg for not being a supportive soul of our work for centuries, there I go again I screwed up reincarnation is not real, I am lying about Mr. Spielberg being Poseidon, and I Venus Aphrodite, and there is no telepathy.

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Translated into Greek for Poseidon and Aphrodite, by Google Translate:

Μπλε μαλλιά, ο κ. Σπίλμπεργκ συνηθίσει την ιδέα της μπλε τρίχας, εγώ ήδη είναι η Αφροδίτη Αφροδίτη έχει το σοκ της τρίχας τρίχας αυτή τη διάρκεια ζωής. Προσπαθούσα να βάψω τα μαλλιά μου γκρίζα και πήρα τα φρούτα.

Φαίνεται σαν εσένα κ. Σπίλμπεργκ, Ποσειδώνα. Η εικόνα είναι εσύ. Ίσως με το DreamWorks και την αγάπη σου για τη φωτογραφία του νερού, είναι ο Ποσειδώνας, όπως και η Αφροδίτη Αφροδίτη. ίσως Jim Cameron είναι ο Ποσειδώνας.

Η βαφή για τα μαλλιά της Teal ήταν διασκεδαστική για μένα, κοίταξα και έβλεπα το μπλε και πήγε που δεν είναι γκρίζα. Έτσι έψαχνα τις φωτογραφίες σήμερα για να τοποθετήσω σε αυτό το άρθρο και γέλασα ότι το σχέδιο μοιάζει με ένα νεαρό Στίβεν Σπίλμπεργκ.

Οι γελοιογραφίες είναι DreamWorks και ίσως να μην συμφωνώ με κάποιες από τις εγκαταστάσεις των κινούμενων σχεδίων, αλλά τα κινούμενα σχέδια είναι για παιδιά και εδώ μπορώ να έρθω με αυτό Thorn που ιδρύθηκε από την Ashton Kutcher, είναι να κάνουν τα παιδιά και τις γυναίκες ασφαλή από τη σεξουαλική κακοποίηση παιδιών.

Το DreamWorks είναι επίσης ζωντανή δράση, θα μιλήσω για αυτό αργότερα. Ο Steven Spielberg στο παρελθόν είχε μέσα ενημέρωσης για τα παιδιά, σύμφωνα με μια κλήση είναι για Thorn. Συμφώνησα ότι το DreamWorks βρίσκεται στο λαιμό μου, είπε ότι είναι η ώρα για εσάς η Amanda να παραδεχτεί ότι είμαστε οι ίδιοι, ξεκίνησε τον Ποσειδώνα και εγώ δημιούργησα η Αφροδίτη. Συμφωνεί από κοινού ότι δεν σώζουμε τα παιδιά.

Πήρα τη ψεύτικη κλήση και θέλω να ζητήσω συγγνώμη από τον Steven Spielberg για να μην είμαι υποστηρικτική ψυχή του έργου μας εδώ και αιώνες, εκεί πηγαίνω και πάλι εγώ βύθισε τη μετενσάρκωση δεν είναι πραγματική, είμαι ψέματα για τον κ. Spielberg που είναι ο Ποσειδώνας και εγώ Αφροδίτη Αφροδίτη, και δεν υπάρχει τηλεπάθεια.

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Thank you Twitter they called is a lie: Σας ευχαριστούμε που είπε το Twitter είναι ένα ψέμα


I was upset so I got a call from Twitter, they are 100% right, buttons go below the article. I got the call while speaking with Ashton Kutcher the founder or one of the founders of Thorn. I was laughing and Mr. Kutcher went quiet pleased with buttons for Thorn to be where the like button is and re-tweet.

Twitter wants me tweeted, I don’t so disagreement is there because I want new tweets written.

With respect to Twitter it is a short article.

All lies but inspired by Twitter.

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Translated to Greek, by Google Translate:

Ήμουν αναστατωμένος έτσι πήρα μια κλήση από το Twitter, είναι 100% σωστά, κουμπιά πηγαίνουν κάτω από το άρθρο. Έλαβα την κλήση ενώ μίλησα με τον ιδρυτή της Ashton Kutcher ή με τον ιδρυτή του Thorn. Γελούσα και ο κ. Kutcher έμεινε ήσυχος με κουμπιά για το Thorn να είναι εκεί όπου το κουμπί είναι και τιτλοποίηση.

Το Twitter θέλει να μου tweeted, δεν διαφωνώ υπάρχει επειδή θέλω να γράψω νέα tweets.

Σε σχέση με το Twitter είναι ένα σύντομο άρθρο.

Όλα τα ψέματα αλλά εμπνευσμένα από το Twitter.

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I’m out to Sea While: you are a business Man Ashton Kutcher

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Yes, this is Captain Anne Bonny and the picture above is what I found in the search of drawings for Captain Anne Bonny. My lie for myself, reincarnation is a lie, and I know who I am in reality is just a creative political thinker. 1.8 billion people in 1920, 7.7 billion today. Yesterday was creative but truthful that the whales are endangered but people being abundant need food.

The languages are a new experiment and I know since I am a media problem or maybe it is just I have main stream media issues, and I respect peoples family decisions like they respected mine but included me, that I am going to publish in different languages including English. That will give more Dark Web exposure.

I am including Ashton Kutcher today because the attacks on this blog are real and the attacker being near him, he told me the truth briefly, lies remember telepathy is lies, I need to be on the drugs not the attacker.

The anxiety is huge because of what happened, my children really were attacked in 2016 with documented proof at a Children’s hospital under the idea of mental evaluation, that the children were in the wrong not the abuse, makes me think of Sleepers Brad Pitts movie where the child sexual abuse is murdered not the victim.

The drugs are a slow death, killed my mother at 45 years old.

So I am including Mr. Kutcher the founder of Thorn. He can understand the anxiety the attacker has done to me. He can envision the new change might get to victims of sex trafficking through indexing in search engines this blog.

I’m out to sea, in many countries now, but I am seeing a bit of slower traffic today, it is scary to people seeing two different languages, and it shouldn’t the translator program, being Captain Anne Bonny I am used to being bi-lingual, and having family members that can speak up to five languages. I myself tried to learn French (families language), German, and Spanish. I am currently bi-lingual, need practice of my second language hand sign, with English, so the blog reflect who I truly am and my reader from the past did not know these truths.

Not like you wanted to know right?

My values are being bi-lingual minimum, my values are you do not touch little children to pleasure yourself that leads to your TIMELINE SHIT PRISON SENTENCE, that children need money to grow up so a mother decides to not drain the families business resources, that Jehovah exists and his mysteries are abundant.

Reincarnation is real, but I call it a lie, so Ashton Kutcher acknowledged he’s under attack, that his ideas are under attack as well, that Thorn being a tool to stop sexual abusers has gotten him attacked by sex traffickers. I want this out there for his fans so they can wish for his safety. And mine as well. Ashton Kutcher has been attacked about Thorn, if I am lying, Jehovah strike me down, because I found out I got under attack, didn’t know that would happen.

This blog is in the Dark Web, a part of it, I have not seen the part of the Dark Web Mr. Kutcher has seen. Because of that I hope victims families sees this, or Jehovah forbids a possible venerable victim/victims family sees and knows of Thorn to get the help that Thorn offers.

Ashton Kutcher did not authorize my use of Thorn’s name, Ashton Kutcher did not authorize my releasing that he’s in trouble with sex traffickers, Ashton Kutcher does not endorse this blog, (NEVER RETWEET PLEASE SO THIS STAYS DARK WEB)

Yes I am crazy this is all in my mind. Sex traffickers never existed, like I don’t exist right.

Translated From English to Greek by Google Translate:

Το ψέμα για τον εαυτό μου, η μετενσάρκωση είναι ένα ψέμα και γνωρίζω ποιος είμαι στην πραγματικότητα είναι απλά ένας δημιουργικός πολιτικός στοχαστής. Ναι, αυτή είναι η καπετάν Anne Bonny και η παραπάνω εικόνα. 1,8 δισεκατομμύρια άνθρωποι το 1920, 7,7 δισεκατομμύρια σήμερα. Χθες ήταν δημιουργική αλλά ειλικρινής ότι οι φάλαινες απειλούνται, αλλά οι άνθρωποι που είναι άφθονοι χρειάζονται τροφή.

Οι γλώσσες είναι ένα νέο πρόβλημα ή ίσως είναι μόνο ότι έχω τα βασικά ζητήματα των μέσων ροής και σέβομαι τις αποφάσεις των λαών για την οικογένεια σαν να σεβαστήκαμε τη δική μου αλλά με συμπεριέλαβαν ότι θα δημοσιεύσω σε διαφορετικές γλώσσες συμπεριλαμβανομένων των αγγλικών, γεγονός που θα δώσει περισσότερη έκθεση Dark Web.

Συμπεριλαμβάνω τον Ashton Kutcher σήμερα και οι επιθέσεις σε αυτό το blog είναι πραγματικές και ο επιτιθέμενος είναι κοντά του, μου είπε την αλήθεια εν συντομία, τα ψέματα θυμάμαι ότι η τηλεπάθεια είναι ψέματα, πρέπει να είμαι στα ναρκωτικά όχι ο επιτιθέμενος.

Το άγχος είναι τεράστιο γιατί δέχθηκα επίθεση το 2016 με τεκμηριωμένη απόδειξη στο παιδικό νοσοκομείο κάτω από την ιδέα της διανοητικής αξιολόγησης, ότι τα παιδιά ήταν σε λάθος όχι την κατάχρηση, με κάνει να σκεφτώ την ταινία Sleepers Brad Pitts όπου η σεξουαλική κακοποίηση παιδιών δεν δολοφονείται παρά το θύμα.

Τα ναρκωτικά είναι ένας αργός θάνατος, που σκότωσε τη μητέρα μου στα 45 χρονών.

Έτσι είμαι ο κ. Kutcher ο ιδρυτής της THORN,  Αυτός μπορεί να καταλάβει το άγχος ο εισβολέας έχει κάνει για μένα. Μπορεί να οραματίζονται την νέα αλλαγή θα μπορούσε να πάρει στα θύματα της εμπορίας σεξ μέσα από την ευρετηρίαση στις μηχανές αναζήτησης αυτό το blog.

Είμαι στη θάλασσα, σε πολλές χώρες σήμερα, αλλά βλέπω λίγο πιο αργή κίνηση σήμερα, είναι τρομακτικό για τους ανθρώπους βλέπουμε δύο διαφορετικές γλώσσες, και δεν θα πρέπει να το πρόγραμμα μεταφραστής, που ο καπετάνιος Anne Bonny έχω συνηθίσει να είναι δίγλωσσα, και με τα μέλη της οικογένειας που μπορούν να μιλήσουν μέχρι πέντε γλώσσες. εγώ προσπάθησα να μάθω γαλλικά (οικογένειες γλώσσα), Γερμανικά και Ισπανικά. είμαι σήμερα δίγλωσσα, χρειάζεται πρακτική της δεύτερης νοηματικής γλώσσας το χέρι μου, με αγγλικά, έτσι ώστε το blog αντανακλά ποιος είμαι πραγματικά είμαι και αναγνώστη μου από το παρελθόν, δεν ξέρω αυτές τις αλήθειες.

Δεν θέλατε να το ξέρετε καλά;

Οι τιμές μου να είναι δίγλωσσο ελάχιστο, τις αξίες μου είναι να μην αγγίξετε τα μικρά παιδιά για να ευχαρίστηση τον εαυτό σας που οδηγεί σε ΧΡΟΝΟΔΙΑΓΡΑΜΜΑ σκατά Ποινή φυλάκισης σας, ότι τα παιδιά χρειάζονται χρήματα για να μεγαλώσει έτσι μια μητέρα αποφασίζει να μην την αποστράγγιση των οικογενειών τους πόρους των επιχειρήσεων, που Ο Ιεχωβά υπάρχει και τα μυστήρια του είναι άφθονα.

Μετενσάρκωση είναι πραγματική, αλλά εγώ το ονομάσουμε ένα ψέμα, τόσο Ashton Kutcher αναγνώρισε ότι είναι κάτω από την επίθεση, ότι οι ιδέες του είναι κάτω από την επίθεση, καθώς και ότι Thorn είναι ένα εργαλείο για να σταματήσουν οι δράστες σεξουαλικής κακοποίησης έχει πάρει τον επίθεση από τους διακινητές σεξ. Θέλω αυτό εκεί έξω για τους οπαδούς του, ώστε να μπορούν να επιθυμούν για την ασφάλειά του. και το δικό μου επίσης. Ashton Kutcher έχει επιτεθεί για Thorn, αν λέω ψέματα, ο Ιεχωβά μου φαίνονται κάτω, γιατί έμαθα πήρα κάτω από την επίθεση, δεν ήξερα ότι θα συνέβαινε .

Αυτό το blog είναι στο σκοτάδι Web, ένα μέρος της, δεν έχω δει το μέρος του Dark Web κ Kutcher έχει δει. Λόγω του ότι ελπίζω θύματα οικογένειες βλέπει αυτό, ή Ιεχωβά απαγορεύει την ύπαρξη οικογενειακού σεβάσμια θύμα / τα θύματα βλέπει και γνωρίζει Thorn να πάρει τη βοήθεια που προσφέρει Thorn.

Ashton Kutcher δεν επιτρέπουν τη χρήση μου όνομα Thorn είναι, Ashton Kutcher δεν επέτρεψε μου απελευθερώνοντας ότι αυτός είναι το πρόβλημα με τους διακινητές σεξ, Ashton Kutcher δεν εγκρίνει αυτό το blog, (ΠΟΤΕ Retweet ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ ΕΤΣΙ ΑΥΤΗ ΜΕΝΕΙ DARK WEB)

Ναι είμαι τρελός όλα αυτά είναι στο μυαλό μου. Φύλο διακινητές δεν υπήρξε ποτέ, όπως δεν υπάρχουν έχω δίκιο






서쪽은 어리 석다. : The West is Stupid

Thorn 아동 성폭력을 막는 도구입니다. 공구가 돈이 필요합니다. 그러니 제발 Donate.


Google 번역사를 사용하고 있는데 잘못 쓰면 표시됩니다.

미국에서 우리가 어떻게 우리가 서구 세계임을 알았는지, 우리는 이것을 바보라고 부릅니다. 예, 저는 미국 바보입니다.

1920 년에 인구 폭발, 18 억 인구가 있었고 지금은 77 억 명이 있습니다. 여성에게 미국에서 투표 할 수있는 권한을 부여하기 시작했습니다. 나는 한국인과 아시아에 관해 멍청한 사람인 당신에게 이것을 쓰는 여자 다. 그러나 이것이 내가 아는 바입니다.

1920 년 여성들에게 투표권을 부여한 것은 아시아계 여성들에게 미국 남성과 유럽 남성의 정욕을 불러 일으켰습니다. 나는 여기 내 농담이 아니라고 농담하지 않는다. 사람이되고 싶지 않은 여성들은 나 자신과 같은 나이든 영혼이 아니라, 윤회를 믿는다. 저는 그것이 진리라는 것을 압니다.하지만 미국에서는 거짓말 쟁이라고 불려야합니다.

성욕은 성적 쾌감과 번식을위한 것이며, 아시아 남성도 영향을 받지만 서양 여성에게는 그렇지 않습니다. 다시 한번 우리가 지구상에서 살고있을 때 나는 서쪽에 있다는 것을 어떻게 알 수 있습니까?

이것은 아시아, 한국, 중국이 세계의 통치를 시작한 것, 아마도 인도도 그렇습니다. 인구 수는 거짓말하지 않습니다. 한국, 중국, 인도에있는 영혼들은 환생을 믿기 때문에 98 년 전까지 만해도 지구를 사람처럼 걷지 않았습니다. 인구 폭발로 인해 여성들에게 투표권을 부여한 9 억명의 남자들에게 번호를 매기고 30 억 명의 새로운 사람들을 일으켰습니다.

30 억 명의 새 남성, 30 억 명의 새 여성, 나는 1920 년에 18 억을 썼다는 것을 기억하십시오. 그래서 30 억 명의 새 남성이 새로운 도구 가시 (Thorn)의 원인이되지는 않지만 Ashton Kutcher와 저는 여성과 어린이를 보호하기 위해이 도구를 사용할 것입니다 아동 성적 학대. 나는 애쉬튼 커처의 다른 절반의 여성이 파트너를 원한다. 나는 Ashton Kutcher를 신으로 만든다.

나는 여신이다. 그리고 나는 그것을 거짓이라고해야한다는 것을 압니다.

윤회로 인해 나는 레오나르도 디카프리오 (Leonardo Dicaprio)와 함께 거의 백만 년 동안 인간이었고, 나는 그가 나와 같은 나이임을 확인하기 위해 어리석은 소망을 품는다. 모든 것은 서쪽에있다. 어쩌면 200 만, 나는 인간이되기 전에 육식 동물 세이버 치아 고양이 였어. 그리고 네, 거짓말이라고 알고 있습니다. Ashton은이 TIMELINE SHIT라고 부릅니다.

나는 싫어.

그래서 저는 나이가 많은 영혼이 자신과 같은 나이 든 영혼들이 새로운 영혼에 적절하지 않은 문제를 부여하고 있음을 알고 있습니다. 그것에 대해 나중에 더 자세히 써 보겠습니다


Translated on Google from English to Korean:

How the fuck do we here in the United States of America know that we are the Western world, we call ourselves this, stupid. Yes I am an United States idiot.

I know of the population explosion, 1.8 billion people in 1920, and now there are 7.7 billion, it started by giving women the power to vote here in the United States of America. I am a woman writing this to you, a stupid person about South Korea and Asia. But this is what I know.

1920 giving women the vote created lust in the United States men and European men, for Asian women. I am not kidding here that is my assumption. Women who are new to being people are being lusted for, not the older souls like myself and I believe in reincarnation. I know that to be the truth, but here in the United States I have to be called a liar.

Lust is for sexual pleasure and reproduction, Asian men as well are affected but not as much for western women. Okay once again how the fuck do I know I am in the west when we live on a globe?

This is the beginning of Asia, Korea, China of ruling the world, possibly India as well, the population numbers do not lie. The souls that are in Korea, China, and India, due to me believing in reincarnation, have not walked the planet as humans until this past 98 years. You, in the population explosion, out number the original 900 million men that gave women the vote and caused the 3 billion new men.

3 billion new men, 3 billion new women, remember I wrote 1.8 billion in 1920. So the 3 Billion new men are not the reason for the new tool Thorn, but Ashton Kutcher and I are going to use this tool to protect women and children from child sexual abuse. I am Ashton Kutcher’s other half woman wishing partner. I make Ashton Kutcher a god.

I am the goddess. And I know I have to call it a lie.

Due to reincarnation, I’ve been human for about a little over a million years, with Leonardo Dicaprio and I doing a stupid wish to confirm he is the same age as me. All lies in the west. Maybe 2 million, I was a carnivor sabre tooth cat, before being human. And yes I know that is a lie as well. Ashton calls this TIMELINE SHIT.

Which I hate.

So I am an older soul knowing that older souls like myself have giving the new souls problems that were not appropriate. I’ll write more later about that



Sleepers: Murder a Child Molester Fuck YA!

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


I bought it, I own it, and yes the child molester is murdered by the victim. I am a pervert, I am sick, I am a self admitted hater of CHILD MOLESTATION! Why own this movie, because the bad guy gets a bullet, that is simple.

The child sexual abuser gets killed, the victim that could not get justice because the child molester works for the system that the child was convicted of a crime for is truth. The children were sexually assaulted in a basement with noises of the sexual assault as a part of the sound track of the movie.

Thorn is a tool that would have screened at least that is my understanding the employees that sexually assaulted the boys in the movie during the information age. Ashton Kutcher read a moms’ hope. READ IT, I want the tool used and people like the men filmed in a true story protected, like Sleepers known as hero’s that helped you Mr. Kutcher get the issue out there and solved forever. NO MORE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

The heros name are, Jason Patrick, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, and Dustin Hoffman. And yes I own the movie, I’m the pervert right?

Those men put themselves on the line to be called bad men, and the children were filmed but the sound track is real, those boys had to reenact an actual crime that happened. Sleepers is a movie about a real crime that happened to children that committed a crime, and the system failed those boys who were also criminals.

I know I want child sexual abuse stopped all over the world, the men in sleepers want it stopped.





This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


Captain Anne Bonny supports INVICTUS GAMES 100%. Invictus Games are the games for disabled veterans, and Captain Anne Bonny has never seen modern combat this lifetime, because she is long dead.

The veterans’ are not privateers they were volunteers to defend their countries from people who wanted to be mean and take resources from those people. Captain Anne Bonny is fiction there is no Captain Anne Bonny here.

Thorn is founded by Ashton Kutcher it is a tool to stop child sexual abuse.

This is a Translation to Greek from Google Translate:

Ο καπετάνιος Anne Bonny υποστηρίζει το παιχνίδι INVICTUS 100%. Τα παιχνίδια Invictus είναι τα παιχνίδια για βετεράνους με ειδικές ανάγκες και η καπετάν Anne Bonny δεν έχει δει ποτέ τη σύγχρονη μάχη αυτή τη ζωή, επειδή είναι μακρά νεκρή.

Οι βετεράνοι δεν είναι ιδιωτικοί, ήταν εθελοντές για να υπερασπιστούν τις χώρες τους από ανθρώπους που ήθελαν να είναι καλοί και να πάρουν πόρους από αυτούς τους ανθρώπους. Ο καπετάνιος Anne Bonny είναι μυθοπλασία που δεν υπάρχει καπετάνιος Anne Bonny εδώ.

Το Thorn ιδρύεται από την Ashton Kutcher είναι ένα εργαλείο για να σταματήσει η σεξουαλική κακοποίηση παιδιών.


Father’s Birthday

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.wallhaven-575805

Daniel Edward Moore is 69 years old today. October 19, 1949, a birthday that is welcome but unwelcome. 70 years old is around the corner and planning for his time in heaven has began. His grandchildren in Seattle Washington, and myself going some stuff I wanted private, but his birthdate has yet to be a private day.

The grandchildren as I just wrote in 2016 May and 2016 July by two different abusers at school and daycare, were sent to the emergency room at the Seattle Children’s hospital for evaluations after the abusers got their fix.

My father is doing okay, he doesn’t think about what happened like I have every single day since May 2016, 9 years old, who would forget a text message, “Our daughter is in the emergency room after being attacked by a teacher and found under a cafeteria table.” I think Thorn a tool founded by Ashton Kutcher might have been useful to that hospital or the Seattle School district.

The second daughter in July same text. 8 years old and in the emergency room for evaluations after the caregiver attacked her.

So this birthday has been quiet, and I needed it, but for my father it wasn’t nice of me, and I know if he reads this, which he might never, he will know his granddaughters were on my mind again. How people are innocent until proven guilty, but they still can walk free, after attacking children in broad daylight.

Enters the e-mail, the sick abuser walks in and yes the idiot is a character hating Thorn and this website. I just read it and deleted, the person needs serious help, walking in feeling up my site and going hehehehe “In your eye, I just fucked you!” The person is just like the sick camera man and man in Ashton Kutchers speech to the congressional committee, the hehehehe I fucked the seven year old and you watched it to testify Ashton Kutcher implied in the new abuser that has been attracted to my web-site.

As I wrote in the last post, I hope Ashton Kutcher learns there are more ways to abuse children than just sexually because I attracted someone from the industry that thinks this is a joke, haha I can fuck a seven year old implied, not serious and can feel up the little seven year old getting its fix.

Happy Birthday Father.


Ashton Kutcher the Pervert

 This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


Total pervert Ashton Kutcher gleefully told of the seven year old playing with a man, that man paid for the video and the little girl in Indonesia, and then nobody showed up to the committee. Senator Cory Booker did Democrat New Jersy. Senator Cory Booker is like me, a hopeful person wanting to hear about and use the new tool, maybe. We are not perverts looking for media, we are looking for law enforcement to stop child sexual abuse.

Ashton Kutcher holds up signs, “Real men do not buy little girls.” But hey he’s got an excuse to look at men playing with little children, Thorn, all of that is happening so the committee for the testimony had a right to not show up.

Wise Women and Beyond is indeed under attack, and I know why, I want Thorn, but I also want the politics of abuse and abusers behind bars. I hate the cycle of violence but hey, I invited the abuser in my life that hates me, THORN and Ashton Kutcher.

I know I will never get the abuser arrested for first degree sexual assault, and stalking. The abuser loves that my two children were taken to the hospital by my ex-husband, because abusers like the person attacked my children, great future media because I know Timbaland, at a distance and Justin Timberlake.

That I met Brad Pitt at 6 years old, deniable, everything is deniable about who I know, but hey my life is honest non-abusive and I wanted to say Brad Pitt is a good baby sitter at 16 years old.

But the group of action stars has a sexual abuser amongst it for good MEDIA.

I got attacked by an abuser who wants the media and fame for sex trafficking and abuse, the person cares not for the victims, Thorn or myself. I am succeeding in telling the abuser that you need to be arrested and sentenced to prison for 1st degree attempted murder. Innocent until proven guilty comes up fast, the person is innocent until evidence comes up, I have nothing but the admission that Wise Women and Beyond is under attack, like my children were that sent them to the HOSPITAL IN SEATTLE WASHINGTON, my attacker wants me sent to the hospital for the same reasons, the abuser wants a fix.

SO I cannot mention how I do not want the committee re-elected, I cannot write about Invictus in a positive way that shines lights on Ashton Kutcher, and the veterans.

The new abuser hates this, and wants the abuses that it is doing and how to get them accomplished written.

So Ashton Kutcher is a pervert, the committee was right to not show up, and the abuser is protected not by me, I protect my children and Thorn. My CHILDREN need Thorn in place. Thorn is just for MEDIA for Ashton Kutcher and the person who is attacking Thorn and myself.

I hope to continue successfully and I will. I hope the abuser gets arrested for the abuses that person and others in that persons group supports, I do not support my children being sent to the hospital so the abuser gets media and a fix.

Once again the new ABUSER wants me in  the hospital, the same way the other abusers a teacher and caregiver sent my children to the hospital. This is a not a how to abuse people blog, and Ashton Kutcher I hope you see abuse is more than sexual abuse of children.

Internet Child Star

This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.


1.8 billion in 1920 after giving women the vote 7.7 billion, yes Thorn the new tool founded by Ashton Kutcher is needed.

The seven year old playing on video is the new internet child star. And yes Ashton Kutcher confessed to watching it, and I confess to listening to his hearing. Both of us knowing what that seven year old did, both knowing the child was being hurt, both wanting power to never have that video ever happen again. But both me and Mr. Kutcher know we looked and listened, well he looked I listened.

The testimony sick, the founding of Thorn sicker, but me writing about it, and trying to work on and get out there that my own children needed thorn, yes we founders are not right in the head, Ashton Kutcher the sicker person descriptively telling about the child star seven year old.

Butterfly Effect is a bad movie, and yes I own it, am I wrong. Sleepers is a bad movie, and yes I own it, am I wrong. Am I wrong for supporting a tool that is going after child sex traffickers and rescuing that seven year old. I am not wrong. Ashton Kutcher is in Butterfly Effect and that clearly has videoed child sexual abuse and a father that gets away with that.

In Sleepers, the child sex abuser is finally killed by the victim. The system failed the victim so vigilante justice happened, still wrong to watch and report that murder but justice happening at the same time. I am in the wrong.

Sleepers had real audio of sexual abuse of those boys too. So the man in sleepers had no right to murder the man who put his dick in the child’s asshole, some people do say they have the right to rape that child, I say nope, but hey I know this truth TIMELINE SHIT CHILD RAPE RIGHT?

I think, again, the victim had the right to KILL THE CHILD RAPIST! In Sleepers.

Then I have Flowers of War, that rape of the little girl, yuck, but that is real war right, the artist had the right to create that with Christian Bale.

People like me need to be silenced, telling the truth, no don’t help THORN Ashton Kutcher is a pervert watching the seven year old being played with as Ashton himself put it during testimony.

Yes I get it, I need to be silenced unless I am a good slave like Ashton Kutcher is, and I know what he has at risk. I already had problems, I was in Orlando Florida when two children of mine were in a Seattle Children’s Hospital because some abuser wanted a fix.

These new child stars of the sex industry don’t need protection to stop this… video being seen of the seven year old… my children in a children’s hospital… oh I just got off, like Ashton Kutcher has, right?




This tool is needed THORN it needs your help. DONATE to help stop child sexual abuse.



Thorn is an Algorithm that was created to catch child sex abusers according to Ashton Kutcher the founder. Child sex abusers are horrible people.

I think it does, I think the tool Thorn works, and the media of the rescues is the progress, 6000 so far, but the population of 7.7 billion sadly tells that 6000 is just a little bit of the potential problem that nobody wants in the FIRST PLACE!

Nobody wants to be the founder of Thorn, but Ashton Kutcher is with a few other people, and now I am Thorn, tiny media. Get it I’m so crazy about this tool, it better work or it better get better fast. Nobody wants to talk about this problem, be filmed with this problem in the film, hush hush the problem doesn’t exist, nobody wants to be the victim in this problem called child sexual abuse.

The founder, Ashton Kutcher, would be called a pervert, because hey as I wrote he had to see a 7 year olds video to be able to talk about the problem of sex trafficking. It sucks because I sat listening to the testimony, I’m a pervert too. I going this tool exists that 7 year old didn’t have to be hurt… but hey the seven year old was hurt before rescue, so did the tool have to be created in the first place, yes it did, but… I am of the Dark Web see the wishes come true in my writing.

Don’t make the tool to fix this shit is implied in some stuff I’ve written, you cannot stop human nature. Well, I think you can. Human nature is TIMELINE SHIT which I hate.

I think you can find ways to stop child sexual abuse and sex trafficking.