Local Polar bear Just died Alaska Zoo 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Cavill Thorn CAK DM

polar bear

Part of being an environmentalist is buy local, well, support the local zoo is also something I am poor at doing. This happened this week, the 19 year old polar bear Lyutyik, at my local zoo, the Alaska Zoo, just passed away. The bear spent 13 years of his adult life at the Alaska Zoo.

Support Jersey Zoo and race, race for the new gorilla enclosure this November, and participate in the Icecream and Pizza, to help Trinity, Jersey, United Kingdom continue the work they do for the zoo and the Durrell Conservation Group.

I have to get more involved in Alaska. That will happen with time and my own health improving. This year was not a good health year for myself as my readers were told over the past year.

Save the planet saves children. Donate to Thorn, an organization that stops sex violence against children with an algorithm that polices the internet to stop sex trafficking, and take your children to a zoo. Let children have a lifetime of learning about animals and with zoos how to save themselves with the environment.

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