buy the water and I apologize to Jason Momoa, I am still going to advertise the great idea with 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza 13k race Thorn CAK DM


I love the canned water idea and agree 1000% better recycling is what the planet needs. I’m the embasarred person today because I wanted to find the website…and the name mistake is my own mishearing not Mr. MOMOA ON ELLEN. I’m sorry.


Go to to learn more and have a refreshing drink.


Meals some restaurants need reservations… Trinity Jersey…12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza Thorn CAK DM NalaCanned Water Recycle Jaso Momoa


Get your dining reservations for the run now! Trinity, Jersey.

Mt. Marathon Seward Alaska race today! Then 12.05.2019 Henry’s Icecream and Pizza 13k race Thorn CAK DM Nala Canned Water Recycle Jason Momoa


Mt. Marathon is in Seward today, and it is a grueling up hill and then down race. Henry’s Icecream and Pizza is an Island race that is a challenge as well, they call it Durrell Challenge in the spring, Icecream and Pizza is the winter challenge. Racers from both Jersey and Alaska should know about and do both races.