Natural Consequences

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Consequences is something computer language people know better than average people. Yea, I know computer people are outside in the rain, like I was… oh you have to leave that office to work.

All joking aside if I do not write the code right, the program does not work, natural consequence to computer developers. 1920 men gave women the vote, the natural consequence right of a long campaign by many women. That is one way to look at it. The OTHER is what I see abuse of men.

Abuse of MEN. Abuse of Men. Abuse of Men.

The men were in charge 1919, 1920 they gave women the vote. Men were born 2 billion extra after that. 1940 2 billion, 1960 3.04 billion today 7.7 billion, the population explosion happened after World War II. 1 billion deaths are about to happen…then another billion to die, a full mature person being able to take a loan out is 18 years… or older, so that is concerning that the population drop is about to happen, for the UNSAVED!

Sorry my craziness… There is a well of souls that birth people from and god is making new souls, if you believe this, that is you. I’m Venus-Aphrodite, so rebirth is me. Oops no credibility now for me… so no credibility hits – I can say the rebirth rate will happen but it isn’t good for the current economy with 2 billion deaths coming up.

That means no with credibility I can state, people will be reborn, and it takes time for them to grow.







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