1 billion MEN

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I know this was tried to be mentioned yesterday, the world population of men that gave women the vote in the USA was 1 billion maybe a little less so I rounded up. The world population of women 1 billion again with a slight round up, 1920 men gave women the vote.

1 billion. 1 billion. 1 billion.

1 billion men in 1920 gave up male rule in the USA. That lead to global changes so rapid the population increase is 5 billion since then rounding up nearly 6 billion new people on the planet, this change from patriarchy to matriarchy is painfully noticeable.


Now how do I get the first woman president with noticeable population growth, and noticeable that males are no longer the leaders but the new souls will learn about how the globe was a male dominated planet with the human species?

The male rule of people happened and only a few female leaders happened and were allowed by the male dominated planet. So what do we do, hide this from the new men that are walking upright?

I don’t know, I just want a first female president and more leaders that are female in the congress and senate of the USA. This in turn becomes global, that women leaders lead side by side with the men.

But what happens when the new souls that are men learn that they led? What happens when they are dominate but have no power because of women taking leadership roles over the men. This has yet to happen. What about the idea that women have abused men in the past to reach political goals of having the patriarchy/matriarchy that we enjoy today.

Women birth babies, that is truth, and it takes time to raise those babies to adulthood, in the past a female single parent was taboo, not really seen but with the new souls female single parents rose exponentially. The males that are new did not want to stay with the newly created baby or woman. That is seen in statistics that I do not want to look up currently.

So what happens is not in me right now to write about, I will end this post here, thinking about where to go next, because when men realize the new men might want power… in 1920 a group of men I will call the 1 billion decided for the men not born before 1920  to not have power in the first place.

That means approximately 3 billion men born after 1920 are powerless. 3 billion vs 1 billion not statistics I like the think about.

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